Lamiyah (LB) Bahrainwala

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala’s article titled “Shithole Rhetorics” was the lead article in the August 2021 issue of the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication.

—November 2021

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala gave a guest talk at a graduate-level seminar in communication theory at the University of Nevada, Reno. Bahrainwala talked about the role of disability in anti-Muslim sentiment and anti-Blackness. Students read and responded to her “Blind Submission” article, which looks at bizarre videos of blindfolded Muslim men offering hugs to passersby.

—October 2021

The Communication Studies Department was well represented at this year’s (virtual) National Communication Association Conference. Assistant Professor Rico Self gave several talks about Black femininity and anti-Black stereotyping in addition to chairing two panels and receiving a Top Paper Award in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Communication Studies Division (woot!) for his coauthored paper “BbyMutha’s Readings as Black Queer Feminine Refusal.” Assistant Professor Lamiyah Bahrainwala (LB) gave two talks about rock-star fascism and menstrual surveillance in nonwhite contexts. Associate Professor Valerie Renegar gave a talk on coauthoring and collaborative scholarship in rhetorical studies. Overall, much knowledge was dropped.

—January 2021

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala (LB) published the article “Shithole Rhetorics” in the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. LB has been preoccupied with potties, and it turns out that toileting discourse suffuses anti-immigrant, antidisability, antiqueer and anti-Muslim rhetorics. She apologizes for the profanity in the title, but it is a direct quote.

—September 2020

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala (LB) published the article “Precarity, Citizenship, and the ‘Traditional’ Student” in the journal Communication Education some time this spring, when she had already stopped using a calendar. She is grateful to the Southwestern students who educated her about what their precarities look like. If you feel at all inclined to read it, LB suggests waiting until you are in a good place emotionally.

—June 2020