Joined Admission Staff
June 2017

Richmond, Texas

Favorite Southwestern Experience
As an alumna, I don’t think I could pick just one experience! My top two were probably getting to present my capstone project to the English department and my peers, and also getting to watch the comeback of Southwestern football!

Georgetown Scoop
The Holiday Stroll is probably my favorite Georgetown event. Getting to walk around and check out all of the crafts, hang out with friends, and get to know the Georgetown community is a lot of fun! 

Choice Quote
“Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.” -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Must Read
If I had to pick just one, it’d be Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre - it has all the answers. 

I really enjoy reading (young adult literature and fantasy are my favorites!), making collages, touring museums, playing video games, solo travel, and reading manga and watching anime.

College Search Advice
Get invested in your own college search! Ask questions, tour campuses, meet with faculty and students - give yourself every opportunity to really get to know an institution before committing. At the end of the day, you’re the one that’s going to be getting yourself out of bed and going to class and doing your laundry and making your meals, so make sure you’re attending a campus that really fits and works for you!

Future Travel Destination
Egypt has always been on my bucket list! I loved researching Ancient Egyptian culture as a kid, and I’d really like the opportunity.