Debika Sihi

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi was featured in a column about the use of virtual reality technology in education on the technology news and information website Lifewire. 

—June 2022

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi published an article titled “What Adventure Will You Choose: New or Nostalgic?” in Adweek.

—June 2022

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi published her coauthored paper “Implementing Big Data Analytics in Marketing Departments: Mixing Organic and Administered Approaches to Increase Data-Driven Decision Making” in Informatics. The paper examines different strategies utilized by marketing departments to become more data-driven in their decision making.

—November 2021

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi participated on a panel about innovations to connect students with industry practice at the Marketing Management Association Conference, held virtually October 13–15. Sihi also presented her research project titled “Remaining Relevant and Renewing Perceptions: The Use of Interactive Marketing by Small Businesses during Operational Disruptions” at the Interactive Marketing Research Conference, held virtually October 20–22 and 25–26 and hosted by the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University.

—October 2021

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi helps different organizations develop marketing campaigns to highlight the importance of budgeting and financial literacy, stemming from her days as a volunteer with Junior Achievement. Recently, she shared insights about budgeting for college students in U.S. News & World Report.

—August 2021