Debika Sihi

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi helps different organizations develop marketing campaigns to highlight the importance of budgeting and financial literacy, stemming from her days as a volunteer with Junior Achievement. Recently, she shared insights about budgeting for college students in U.S. News & World Report.

—August 2021

Nereida Zarco ’16 and Associate Professor of Economics and Business Debika Sihi were selected as members of the inaugural Marketing EDGE Ambassador program, a select group of corporate professionals, students, and academics that help connect students to opportunities in the field of marketing.

—April 2021

Associate Professor of Economics and Business Debika Sihi was invited to join the editorial review board for the Journal of Business Research under the Big Data and Analytics track.

—April 2021

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi provided insights about Netflix’s audio-only version of its content in an article for Lifewire, a technology information website (ranked a top-10 tech information site in 2017). Read the article here.

—January 2021

Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi presented a coauthored project titled “The Use of Social Media and Social Interaction in Crowdsourcing in the FFE (fuzzy front end) of NPD” at the Society of Marketing Advances Annual Conference November 4–7, 2020. This project examines the impact of online versus offline mechanisms of crowdsourcing on idea generation during the new product development process.

—November 2020