Sandi Nenga

Professor of Sociology Sandi Nenga has been appointed to a three-year term on the editorial board of Sociological Studies of Children and Youth (UK: Emerald).

—February 2021

Professor of Sociology Sandi Nenga presented her paper “Processes of Cultural Capital in a College Readiness Program Aimed at Latinx, First-Generation Students” at the 2020 American Sociological Association meetings on August 8 (held online).

—August 2020

Professor of Sociology Sandi Nenga delivered two presentations at the Pacific Sociological Association meetings in Oakland, CA. The first was “Doctor Who in the Gender Classroom” and was part of a panel titled  “What is this Lady Doctor Doing in MY TARDIS? Gender and the Regeneration of Doctor Who.” The second presentation was titled “Ten Respeto and Being Respectful: Shifting Meanings of Respect in a College Readiness Program for First-Generation Latinx Students.”

—April 2019

Associate Professor of Sociology Reggie Byron, Professor of Sociology Maria Lowe, Professor of Sociology Sandi Nenga, and five students attended the annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society in New Orleans, La., April 4–7.  

  • Madeline Carrola,class of 2019, presented “’We’re Not Wasting Coffee Grounds’: How College Students Respond to Peers’ Resource Consumption and Waste Disposal by Social Class.”
  • Sophia Galewsky,class of 2018, presented “Abortion Provision as High Risk Activism: What Motivates Providers?”
  • Mary Jalufka,class of 2018, presented “White Female Elementary School Teachers and Campus Safety in the Wake of Sandy Hook.”
  • Esteffany Luna,class of 2018, presented “Am I Still Latino Enough? The Construction of a Latino Identity among Hispanics who do not Speak Spanish.” Luna’s paper was also the recipient of the 2018 Odum Undergraduate Paper Award. This marks the 9th time in 13 years that a Southwestern sociology senior has won this award.
  • Dr. Byron co-organized a panel titled “Innovative Uses of Data in the Study of Workplace Discrimination” and presented a co-authored paper titled “Bureaucratic Legitimation, Discrimination, and the Racialized Character of Organizational Life.”
  • Dr. Nenga served as a presider for multiple sessions at the meeting.
  • Dr. Lowe and Dakota Cortez,class of 2019, presented “Race and Contested Public Spaces in a Liberal Predominantly White Planned Urban Community.”
—April 2018