Areas of Expertise

Children and youth; social class; volunteer work and civic engagement; qualitative methods


Dr. Nenga conducts research in the sociology of children and youth, the lived experience of social class, and social aspects of education. She is currently working on a paper with Kathryn Gold Hadley of Hanover College about positive youth development programs for Southeast Asian youth. In addition, Dr. Nenga is studying a college readiness program for first-generation, primarily Latina/o high school students with Mayra Garcia (’11), Whitney Rodriguez Rominger (’11), Susi Contreras (’14) and Isaac Bernal (’13). She also worked with students Lauren Cox (’08) and Tristine Baccam (’09) on an ethnographic investigation of a middle school summer camp.


PhD, Indiana University 2004
MA, San Francisco State University 1997
BA, Simon’s Rock College 1992

Previous Courses

Social Problems, Research Methods & Lab, Deviance/Conformity/Identity, Childhood and Youth, Social Class in the US, Latin@s & Education, Senior Research Seminar


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Honors and Awards

2011 Teaching Award (for untenured faculty)

2007 Excellence in Academic Advising Award