Professor of Religion Laura Hobgood was invited to appear for a second interview on the NPR broadcast “Dog Talk (and Kitties Too).” The focus of the interview was her book Holy Dogs and Asses: Animals in the Christian Tradition. It will air in February.

—January 2022

Professor of Religion Laura Hobgood was interviewed for the NPR show “Dog Talk” (Radio Pet Lady Network, Long Island). The show will air in 4–6 weeks and features information from Hobgood’s book A Dog’s History of the World

—October 2021

Professor of Religion Laura Hobgood was interviewed and featured in an article in the September 2021 issue of The Atlantic. The article, “Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Dogs,” includes a reference to Hobgood’s book A Dog’s History of the World.

—August 2021

Professor of Religion Laura Hobgood will participate as an invited international panelist to discuss the recently released book Enter the Animal (Sydney University Press) on Tuesday, July 13. For more information or to attend the panel, see the official website.

—July 2021

Laura Hobgood, professor of religion and holder of the Brown Chair in Religion and Environmental Studies, was the invited lecturer for Texas Christian University’s annual Blessing of the Animals (this year virtual). Her lecture was titled “We Are Animals Too” and was presented on September 30.

—September 2020