Notable Achievements

Associate Professor of Psychology Carin Perilloux, along with alumni Alyssa Sucrese ’21, Erica Burley ’22, Sarah Woods ’21, and Zach Bencal ’21, have published a paper titled “Just friends? Jealousy of extramarital friendships” in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences (after nearly a year and a half ‘in press’!). This article is based on the group’s Capstone research.



Evolutionary psychology, Human mating, ASMR, Physical attractiveness

Dr. Perilloux teaches Principles of Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Learning and Cognition, Inquiry-Based Research Methods, Survey of Research Methods, and Capstone Research in Cognitive Evolutionary Psychology. She uses an interdisciplinary approach - combining evolutionary, cognitive, and social psychology - to study human mating. She uses cognitive science to study social phenomena from an evolutionary perspective. In particular, she applies an adaptationist lens to human mating. She has studied phenomena as varied as misperception of sexual interest to judgments of physical attractiveness to parental influence over children’s mate choices. In each area, she finds that my evolutionary perspective offers new insights and interpretations that help to provide a fuller understanding of our mating psychology.

Dr. Perilloux is a first generation college student and received her BA from Knox College in 2003 before going on to earn her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. 

Teaching Philosophy 

Perilloux’s teaching goals are to cultivate students’ interest in – and mastery of – the course material, improve their critical thinking skills, and help them to become intelligent consumers of scientific information. She thinks that an important goal of undergraduate courses should be to push students to discover the holes in our collective knowledge about human nature. This sparks curiosity and a push to discover: the very essence of (psychological) science. To accomplish these goals in her courses, she assists and challenges students to master content, she develops and varies my pedagogy, and she empathizes with her students as individuals.

In the Media

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