Professor of Psychology Traci Giuliano presented a poster titled, “Using ‘Personal Connections’ Writing Assignments in Introductory Psychology,” at the annual meeting of the Society for Teaching of Psychology in Portland, Oregon, Oct 6-8.

—October 2023

Professor of Psychology Traci Giuliano published an article entitled, “How common is undergraduate publication in psychology? An examination of faculty vitae from top colleges and universities.”Coauthors are former students Will Hebl ’23 and Jennifer Howell ’09.

—September 2023

Professor of Psychology Traci Giuliano and psychology major Will Hebl ’23 presented a poster entitled “How Common is Undergraduate Publication in Psychology” at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Atlanta, Georgia, this past weekend.

—February 2023

Professor of Psychology Traci Giuliano recently delivered a “Guest Expert Webinar” for the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. Her presentation was titled “Lessons Learned from Two Decades of Publishing with Undergraduates.” The NCFDD’s mission is to provide underrepresented faculty at member schools with on-demand access to mentoring, tools, and support to thrive in academia– including help with planning, productivity, healthy relationships, and work-life balance.

—February 2023

Professor of Psychology Traci Giuliano participated at the 4th Annual College Readiness Symposium (Breaking Barriers, Growing Generations) sponsored by the Austin ISD and held at St. Edwards University on Saturday, Feb 11th. Dr. Giuliano gave two sessions of a presentation called “A Professor’s Tips for Succeeding in College.”

—February 2023