Areas of Expertise

Middle East Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Terrorism


PhD, University of Michigan, 1993


Professor of Political Science
Southwestern University
August 01, 1992 - present

Teaching Philosophy

I strive to introduce students to the different perspectives in the study of International Relations and to have them to be able to compare and contrast the different theoretical and methodological approaches. I use different pedagogical methods that emphasize an interactive approach.

Previous Courses

International Politics

First Year Seminar

Middle East Politics

U.S. Foreign Policy

Film, Literature, and the Cold War

International Political Economy

Senior Seminar


Middle East Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Terrorism


“The Arab Uprising and the Persistence of Monarchy,” International Affairs (September 2015).

“The United States and Nicaragua: Understanding the Breakdown in Relations,” Journal of Cold War Studies (Spring 2015) (with Robert Hager).

“The Decline of Revolutionary Nationalism and the Beginning of the Peace Processes in Northern Ireland and the Middle East,” in Timothy White, ed., Lessons from the Northern Ireland Peace Process (University of Wisconson Press, 2013).