Barbara M. Anthony

Professor of Computer Science Barbara Anthony was a coauthor on a poster titled “Unplugged Parallelism for First-Year CS Majors” at the 53rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE ’22). Anthony also participated in the affiliated event Dream Big: Addressing Computing for the Social Good in the CS Curricula.

—March 2022

Professor of Computer Science Barbara Anthony presented a paper titled “Questions of Sincerity in Cooperative Polls” at the 18th International Conference on Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering held virtually October 24–27. The paper was coauthored with Miryam Galvez ’23 and Chris Ojonta ’23, who were research assistants with Anthony during fall 2020. Using Python to analyze the responses of simulated polls, the authors demonstrated that there are reasons to question how the idea of sincerity from voting theory transfers to the approval voting that takes place in cooperative polls. The paper was published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series.

—October 2021

Professor of Computer Science Barbara Anthony presented a paper titled “Using the UCSC Genome Browser in a Database Course” at the 30th Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Rocky Mountain Conference, held virtually October 15–16. This work was based on a lab activity Anthony designed and piloted in the spring 2018 database management course and has used in every subsequent offering. The peer-reviewed article will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.

—October 2021

Professor of Computer Science Barbara Anthony presented an article titled “Serving Rides of Equal Importance for Time-Limited Dial-a-Ride” at the July 2021 International Conference on Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research in Irkutsk-Baikal, Russia. The work, coauthored with Ananya Christman, Christine Chung, and David Yuen, shows that in certain situations such as paratransit services, no polynomial-time algorithm can be guaranteed to serve the optimal number of requests; however, the paper then provides approximation algorithms with reasonable guarantees for many practical settings. 

—July 2021

Professor of Computer Science Barbara Anthony was a faculty scholar at the National Science Foundation RESET (Re-Enter STEM through Emerging Technology) 2021 Conference March 46, 2021. The conference focused on supporting the re-entry of women in STEM, especially in emerging technology fields, such as cybersecurity, data science, mobile development, and cloud computing.

—March 2021