Areas of Expertise

Mathematical Modeling, especially with Differential Equations and especially as related to biological systems. Technology as a pedagogical tool. Dynamical Systems; Functional Analysis.
Assessment of Student Learning and of Math Programs.


PhD, MS, Clemson University 1987
BS, Texas A&M University 1982


Associate Professor
Southwestern University
May 01, 1994 - present

Chair, Natural Sciences Division
July 03, 2010 - June 01, 2011

Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

July 01, 2002 - June 01, 2007

Assistant Professor

August 01, 1987 - May 01, 1994

Teaching Philosophy

Mathematics is a language which allows one to examine and express phenomena from our world as well as in a wider context. Students who wish to learn math can be guided effectively especially through examples, often aided by technology.

Previous Courses

Calculus I, II, III; Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Introduction to Statistics, Differential Equations; Senior Seminar in Mathematical Modeling.


Injecting Inquiry?Oriented Modules into Calculus” has been published on Taylor & Francis Online. It is available at:


Some recent scholarly works:

Minicourse: “Teaching Modeling First Differential Equations - Building Community in SIMIODE”. MathFest. Aug 16, Columbus, OH.

poster: “Injections of IBL,” Legacy of RL Moore / IBL Conference Jun 15, Austin, TX.

Invited NExT panelist to discuss “Explorations into Preparing a Successful Tenure Portfolio” Aug 15, Washington, D.C.

with Dr. A. Marr: “Working to Improve Student Success in Calculus I Through Pre-calculus Support” Jan 15, JMM, San Antonio, TX.

“POGIL Flu for Calculus: Influenza Data to Help Students Investigate Antiderivatives, Accumulations, and FTC.” Jan 15, JMM, San Antonio, TX.

“Ensuring Engagement in Math Research”, contributed presentation Aug 14, MathFest, Portland, OR.

Kyle CH, Plantz AL, Shelton T, Burks RL (2013) Count Your Eggs Before They Invade: Identifying and Quantifying Egg Clutches of Two Invasive Apple Snail Species (Pomacea). PLoS ONE 8(10): e77736. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0077736. Peer-reviewed publication.

“Darth Vader, Zucchini and More in Multivariate Calculus”, contributed presentation Apr 13, TxMAA, Lubbock.

“Building and Feeling Confidence Intervals”, contributed presentation, JMM 13, San Diego, CA.

“Writing Math from Intro Stat to Capstone”, contributed paper, MathFest 11, Lexington, KY.

“Visualizing an Accumulation Function”, contributed paper, MathFest 09, Portland, OR.

“Visual Parametric Functions”, contributed paper, ICTCM Mar 08, San Antonio, TX.

“Parametric Functions in a Flash”, JMM 08, San Diego, CA.

Honors and Awards

Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America: Ron Barnes Distinguished Service to Students Award 2015

Southwestern University Nominated for SU Teaching Award * 2015-16 * 2013-14 * 2012-13 * 2010-11


Professional: American Mathematical Society, Association of Women in Mathematics, Mathematical Association of America, Texas Association of Academic Administrators of Mathematical Sciences.

Southwestern Univ Community: Natural Sciences Division Chair, Catholic Student Association co-webmaster

General Community: St. Helen’s Catholic Church, Partners In Education including the Business Link Program, PTSA, Girl Scouts



Houseplants, including cactus, succulents, African Violets, tropical plants. Tropical fish.


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