Scott McLean

Professor of Kinesiology Scott McLean presented a keynote address titled “Effectively Performing Competitive Swim Starts: Managing Body Rotation (and Some Other Things)” at the International Swim Coaches Association’s 9th Annual Hall of Fame Coaches Summit in Clearwater, Fla. This talk focused on recent SCOPE work completed with kinesiology major Peter Robinson, class of 2019, who attended the meeting, and kinesiology majors Alek Argueta and Dylan Neumann, both class of 2021.

—September 2018

Eight faculty members in the natural sciences published a letter to the editor in the Williamson County Sunin the July 29th edition. “SU Scientists Refute ‘Hoax’ Climate Claim” was in reference to the Sun’s July 22 account of a community forum on the science of climate change. The letter was written by Professor of Biology Max Taub and co-signed by Professor of Chemistry Kerry Bruns, Professor of Biology Romi Burks, Professor of Biology Maria Cuevas, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mike Gesinski, Associate Professor of Biology Martín Gonzalez, Professor of Kinesiology Scott McLean, and Professor of Biology Ben Pierce.

—July 2018

Alumni Nathan Townsend ‘17 and Shelby Hall ‘17 have had their capstone research project “How Changes in Block Design Affect Swimming Relay Start Performance” based on their research with Professor of Kinesiology Scott McLean and Professor of Kinesiology Jimmy Smith accepted for presentation at the 23rd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science in July of 2018.  This is the largest sports science conference in Europe.

—April 2018

Virginia Stofer ’15 had a peer-reviewed paper on her capstone research titled “Do wrist orthoses cause compensatory elbow and shoulder movements when performing drinking and hammering tasks?” published in the Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy. Professor of Kinesiology Jimmy Smith and Professor of Kinesiology Scott McLean were co-authors on the paper.

—February 2018