Areas of Expertise

Chinese and Japanese History; Historiography; World History


PhD, University of Wisconsin 1982
MA, University of Chicago 1970
BA, University of Virginia 1968


Asst., Assoc., and Professor of History
Southwestern Univeristy
August 01, 1988 - present

Chair, International Studies Program
Southwestern University
August 01, 2004 - May 01, 2007

Adjunct Associate Professor,
University of Texas, Center for Asian Studies
January 01, 1999 - June 01, 2004

Visiting Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin
January 01, 2002 - June 01, 2003

Teaching Philosophy

Teach how we know what we know and what it is that we know at the same time. Let thinking bubble up.

Previous Courses

Ancient China; Imperial China; Japanese Civilization; World Civilizations I & II; Twentieth Century China; History of Modern Japan; Commodities and International Conflicts; Global Powers: The Rise and Fall of Empires; Utopias and Utopianisms; Historiography


The development of beliefs in transcendence and revelation and the rise of millennial and utopian political movements in China from the late Han through the early Tang.



“Unintentional Pluralism and Pragmatism in China’s Early Imperial Political Culture,” in Josephine Chiu-Duke and Jiu-jung Lo, editors, Ziyou Zhuyi yu Renwen Chuantong (Liberalism and the Humanistic Tradition), Taibei, Taiwan: Yun Chen Publishing Company, June 2005.

“The Ch’un-ch’iu fan-lu” (with Michael Loewe), in Early Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide, ed. Michael Loewe, (Society for the Study of Early China, 1993).

Recent Presentations and Completed Manuscripts:

“Peasant Movements and Politics at the End of the Han: The Language of Taiping” presented at June 4, 1989, the Twentieth Anniversary Reflections on History and Contemporary Change Before and After Tiananmen: An International Conference in Honor of Professor Maurice Meisner, Harvey Goldberg Professor Emeritus of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison; June 4-7, 2009.

Translation (with Wah Cheng) of “Ershi shiji Zhongguo di fanquantong sichao yu Zhongshi Ma-Lie juyi Mao Zedong di wutuobang juyi” (Radical Antitraditionalism, Marxism- Leninism, and Maoist Utopianism in Twentieth-Century China), by Yu-sheng Lin, which originally appeared in Chinese in Xin shixue, v 6 n 3 (September, 1995), 95-154. Completed 2004.

Institutional Grants Authored:

Luce Fund for Asian Studies - This grant was awarded in the summer of 2001 to help fund a new position in East Asian Politics.

Freeman Foundation Undergraduate East Asian Studies Initiative - This grant was awarded on Jan. 1, 2002 to help fund a new position in East Asian Art History.

Arthur Vining Davis Foundations - This grant was awarded in Oct. of 2002 to support Southwestern’s East Asian Studies Endowment.

Honors and Awards

Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan

Fulbright [ITT] International Fellowship


Association for Asian Studies

Society for the Study of Early China

American Historical Association

American Association of University Professors


Finding time to have interests.

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