Areas of Expertise

Multiculturalism/Culturally Responsive Teaching; Differentiated Instruction for diverse populations; Early Childhood Best Practices



August 2006 - Present Associate Professor, Department of Education
Presidential appointment to Cargill Endowed Professorship
Teach undergraduate courses in early childhood, special education and general education,
Supervise field-based and student teachers in Georgetown and surrounding areas
Develop course content, structure and select textbooks and supplemental reading materials,
Research and write for scholarly publication, and
Supervise student research, as well as co-research with students.

Appointed as a Cargill Endowed Professor
Twenty-two (22) years of higher education experience, including undergraduate and graduate-level
teaching, collaborative research with students and colleagues.
Twenty-two (22) years of experience supervising student teachers and field-based students,
Six years (6) of public school elementary and early childhood teaching experience with two years
as a student teacher cooperating teacher and two years as grade-level team leader,
Three (3) years of experience as a local evaluator for a state and federally funded Even Start Program,
Principalship experience with elementary/middle school personnel and students,
 Keynote Speaker - Various Professional Institutions and Organizations
Experience developing and implementing education curricula, and
In-service teacher training and consultation.
 Member of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Advisory Board (Federal Appointment)


PhD, The University of Texas at Austin 1997
MEd, The University of Texas at Austin 1990
BSEd, Huston-Tillotson University 1988

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that students flourish when their needs are met and I use my instructional strategies to meet those needs. In order to model best practice strategies in for my students, I use these strategies when I teach. I believe that these strategies promote student participation, a learning community, and focus on various learning styles of the students. Strategies I utilize are: group discussions, cooperative learning, interactive lectures, multimedia materials, instructional technology, Think-Pair-Share, small group activities, assigned and selected group configurations, mini lessons, brainstorming, and kinesthetic, visual, aural, and tactile activities. I model these strategies and ask students to develop lesson plans and other activities that are specific strategy based. In addition, I also use a variety of learning techniques to reinforce concepts taught. Students are given assignments that focus on creativity, critical thinking, and their cognitive, behavioral and affective development. I use this combination of techniques because I believe that you should educate the whole student. This holistic approach features elements that stimulate the mind, heart, and psyche. Another component related to my instructional strategies, is the element of constructivism. Constructivism focuses on the student being able to make meaning for the environment, in this case, the materials that I present in class for assignments. Students are expected to use some discovery and/or inquiry techniques to find the pieces to a concept puzzle. This strategy is used in all of my classes and allows students to be autonomous in their personal learning sequence. Course requirements are also varied. I use a variety of activities to inspire and foster learning. Some activities I utilize are lectures, multimedia presentations, group presentations, field-based learning experiences, and storytelling, to name a few.

Previous Courses

The Child and the Curriculum (Introduction to Early Childhood Education)
Instructional Strategies (Developed course; Implemented Fall 2008)
Programs and Services
Survey of Exceptionalities (Introduction to Special Education) 
Supervision of Student Teachers
Early Childhood Intervention
Classroom Organization and Management
Cooperative Teaching and Collaborative Consultation
Social Studies Methods
School, Society and Diversity
Race, Higher Education, And The African American Student (Independent Study)
Black Feminist Fatherhood: The Changing Face of Fatherhood in America (Independent Study)
Jamaica: An Educational Service Learning Journey
Qualitative Research Methods in Education (Independent Study)


  • The Sustainability of Culturally Responsive Teaching in White Teacher Praxis
  • Perceptions of Preservice Teachers Regarding Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • African American Students in Predominantly White Institutions (PWI)
  • Race Matters: The Real World


Audiovisual and Electronic Media

Wise-Whitehead, K,, Moore, A.L., Lewis, R. Trump Syllabus K12: Lesson Plans for Teaching During this New Age of Resistance (#TrumpSyllabusK12).

Pearson, K., Interview of Moore, A.L. (2013). How Parents and Teachers Should Teach Children About Slavery. BlogHer Original Post.

Books, Book Chapters & Book Forewords
Neal, L. I., Moore, A.L., and Militz-Frielink, S. (2016). Bras, Borders and Battlegrounds. Apprentice House.

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Moore, A.L., & Neal, L. I. (2006), Cultural, Linguistic, & Instructional Diversity, In E. Meyen & Y. Bui (Eds.), Exceptional Children in Today’s Schools: What Teachers Need to Know, Denver, CO: Love Publishing. Audiovisual and Electronic Media.

Journal Articles & Educaton Bulletins

Moore, A. L., Neal, L. I., (2016). The Crisis in Black Education. Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) Black History Bulletin. Volume 79, No. 1.

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Neal, L. I., Moore, A. L. (2005). Digital storytelling presentation: The biography of Lucinda Todd, the first plaintiff in the Brown v. Board case.

Moore, A.L., & Neal, L. I. (2005). Multimedia narrative (interview): Brown v. Board: The challenges, experiences, thoughts, and emotions involved in the separate but equal struggle in Topeka, Kansas in the 1950s.


National & International Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Wise Whitehead, K., Militz-Frielink, S., Neal, L.I., Moore, A.L., & Lewis, R., (2016, October). Hallowed Grounds, 101st Annual Association for the Study of African American Life and History Conference, Richmond, VA

Wise Whitehead, K., Gist, C.D., Cross, K., Neal, L.I., Moore, A.L., & Lewis, R., (2016, October). Mothering in the Age of Activism, 101st Annual Association for the Study of African American Life and History Conference, Richmond, VA

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Neal, L.I., Moore, A.L. Militz-Frielink, S., Lewis, C., Jackson, J. (2014, November). Panel Discussion #4: The Effects of Media on Scholar Identity Development. International Conference on Urban Education. Montego Bay, Jamaica - West Indies.

Invited Keynote Speaker (Regional)

Moore-Hopkins, A. L. (2017, January), Education in Times of Crisis. Keynote address to be delivered at the New Hope Baptist Church - Annual Black History Month. Round Rock, Texas.

Moore, A. L. (2016, June), At the Crossroads of Equality: Paths to Liberation and Progress. Keynote address delivered at the Georgetown, Texas Community in celebration of Juneteenth. Georgetown, Texas.

Honors and Awards

  • Cargill Endowed Professorship
  • Exemplary Teaching Award from the Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church
  • Junior Sabbatical
  • Cullen Faculty Development Grant
  • Academic Advising Award
  • Recipient of the Unity in Action Diversity Award
  • Nominated for the Excellence in Academic Advising Award


PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS/AFFILIATIONS2006 Member, National Association for Early Childhood Teacher Educators
Life Comprehensive Member, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

2005-Present Member, Association for the Study of African American Life and History

2003-Present Member-at large, Board of Directors, Texas Chapter, National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)

1993-1994 Area Director, Kindergarten Teachers of Texas (KTOT)

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