Areas of Expertise

Globalization, business communication, technology industry, food movements and industry, leadership communication, business and public address


Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin 2014

Teaching Philosophy

My classes are characterized by three themes:

A connection between the classroom and the real world

The construction of a fun and safe environment for learning

The need to provide lots of feedback in the teacher/student relationship

Previous Courses

Fall 2015

Technology & Business Innovation

Management Communication

Spring 2016

The New Food Business

Leadership in Organizations

Professional Work

Principal, Critical Communications (Consultancy)

Director of Marketing, Dell Ventures

Director of Corporate Communications, Dell Inc.

Manager Corporate Communications, Intel


Popular Media:

“Moving at the Speed of Business,” Interview w/ New York Times Chief Technology Officer; Forbes Voice blog

Business and Society:

“Food Talk: Bridging Power in a Globalizing World.” The Rhetoric of Food: Discourse, Materiality and Power. Eds. Joshua Frye and Michael Bruner. New York: Routledge, 2012. 58-70.

“Dinner Time Discourse: Convenience Foods and Industrial Society.” Food as Communication: Communication as Food. Eds. Janet Cramer, Carlnita Greene and Lynn Walters. New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2011. 179-194.

Food Culture:

“Milk, Eggs, Arugula, Identity: The Grocery List in a Time of Change.” Media Commons - The New Everyday: Notes, Lists, and Everyday Inscriptions cluster. June 29, 2010.

Media and Popular Culture:

“Kenneth Burke meets a time lord: Steampunk’s grammatical disruption.” Clockwork Rhetoric: The language and style of steampunk. Ed. Barry Brummett. University Press of Mississippi, 2013. 115-134.


Association of Business Communicators

National Communication Association

Kenneth Burke Society


Home Chef

Passionate advocate for BBC’s “Doctor Who”