Mike Gesinski

Sean Calvert ’22, in collaboration with Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Mike Gesinski, received the prestigious American Chemical Society Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). As a fellow, Calvert will receive funding to study gold catalysis over the summer under Gesinski’s mentorship. Additionally, Calvert has been invited to attend an awards ceremony, present his research at a poster session, and tour Pfizer Research and Development Labs in Groton, CT.

—March 2021

The American Chemical Society student group received an award and plaque from the American Chemical Society for 2017–2018, which read, “In recognition for your commitment and achievement, this Honorable Mention award is presented to the Southwestern University Student Chapter 2017–2018.”  Director of General Chemistry Labs Willis Weigand and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mike Gesinski are the faculty advisors for the group. The current officers of the group are Julianna Mouat ’20, president; Ethan Iverson ’20, vice president; Rachel Brasher ’21, treasurer; Abby Musyoka ’21, secretary and historian; and Ashley Chavana ’19, social outreach.

—April 2019

The student chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) at Southwestern was selected to receive an Honorable Mention award for its activities conducted during the 2017–2018 academic year. This award recognizes the students and faculty advisors for being exemplary chemistry ambassadors through their work in service and outreach to the community. Special congratulations go to ACS President Austin Baker, class of 2019, Vice President Saarah Cantu, class of 2019, Treasurer Lauren Gillespie, class of 2019, Secretary Renee Walker ’18, and Historian Jillian Bradley ’18. Director of General Chemistry Labs Willis Weigand and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mike Gesinski serve as the faculty advisor and coadvisor, respectively.

—November 2018

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Mike Gesinski published a paper in the peer-reviewed journal Synletttitled “Synthesis of 1,4-Diketones via Titanium-Mediated Reductive Homocoupling of a-Haloketones.” This work describes research conducted in collaboration with three undergraduate students: Nathan Le, class of 2019, who is listed as the first author; Aimee Rodriguez, class of 2019; and James Alleyn ’15. In this publication, they describe a novel method to synthesize chemical compounds that serve as building blocks in the development of new pharmaceutical drugs.

—August 2018

Eight faculty members in the natural sciences published a letter to the editor in the Williamson County Sunin the July 29th edition. “SU Scientists Refute ‘Hoax’ Climate Claim” was in reference to the Sun’s July 22 account of a community forum on the science of climate change. The letter was written by Professor of Biology Max Taub and co-signed by Professor of Chemistry Kerry Bruns, Professor of Biology Romi Burks, Professor of Biology Maria Cuevas, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mike Gesinski, Associate Professor of Biology Martín Gonzalez, Professor of Kinesiology Scott McLean, and Professor of Biology Ben Pierce.

—July 2018