Areas of Expertise

Chemistry of copper, cobalt and some of the main group elements; Cement and concrete chemistry and the additives used in those products; Reuse and recycling of waste materials and intellectual property issues.


Dr. Weigand started teaching at Southwestern in 1994, and after a few years at Penn State Altoona, and working at an intellectual property firm, came back to teach full-time at Southwestern. Prior to his academic career, he was an industrial chemist at W.R. Grace and Halliburton Services working in product development and technical service and with Radian Corporation, an environmental consulting firm.


PhD, University of Arkansas 1982
BS, Southwestern Oklahoma State University 1977


Associate Professor and Director of General Chemistry Laboratories
Southwestern University
August 01, 1994 - present
Dr. Weigand was an industrial chemist from 1982 to 1994 at which time he started in academics. He has taught at Southwestern University and Penn State Altoona.


The synthesis and structure of copper (I) and cobalt (II) compounds and their interactions with DNA. The compounds may provide useful cancer treatments.

The environmental fate and clean-up of heavy metals.

Main group chemistry


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Honors and Awards

Phillips Petroleum Fellowship, University of Arkansas


American Chemical Society

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