Areas of Expertise

bacterial genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry


Environmentally-responsive regulation in bacteria


Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston 1999
M.A., College of William and Mary 1993
B.A., Bard College 1991


Visiting Research Fellow
Princeton University
May 15, 1999 - May 31, 2002
Conducted studies on the genetics of secretion in gram negative bacteria


protein targeting and regulation of gene expression in gram-negative bacteria


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Invitations to speak at other institutions:

SRPtitious signals and substrate secretion: directing protein traffic in E.coli. 2003. Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH.

Strictly sigma: the choreography of transcription initiation. 2000. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

Translational control of secreted proteins in E.coli: characterization of a novel regulatory pathway. 2000. Molecular Biology Institute, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Oral Presentations

Wilson Bowers, C. 2002. A new twist on a classical system: LamB-LacZ illuminates the signal recognition particle pathway of Escherichia coli. Annual Meeting of the Life Sciences Research Foundation, Baltimore, MD.

Wilson, C., Baldwin, N.E., and Dombroski, A.J. 1997. Analysis of the requirement of region 1 of the sigma-70 submit of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase for transcription initiation. Conference on the Molecular Genetics of Bacteria and Phages, Madison, WI.

Wilson, C. and Dombroski, A.J. 1996. Region 1 of sigma-70 is required for efficient isomerization and initiation of transcription by E. coli RNA polymerase. Lost Pines Molecular Biology Conference, Smithville, TX.

Wilson, C. 1991. German Ethnology from 1933 to 1945: the national socialist connection. 31st Annual Conference of the Northeastern Anthropological Association, Waterloo, Ontario.

Honors and Awards

Department of Energy Biosciences Fellow, Life Sciences Research Foundation 2000-2003

Presidential Fellowship, University of Texas-Houston, Health Science Center 1997

Association for Women in Science Scholarship, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter 1997

Hoshaw Travel Award, Phycological Society of America 1993.

Teaching Assistantship, College of William and Mary Department of Biology, 1991-1993

William J. Lockwood Prize, Bard College 1991

Helena Rubinstein Scholar for the Sciences, Bard College 1990-1991

Heinz and Elizabeth Bertelsmann Scholarship, Bard College 1990

Vogt Memorial Prize in Ecology, Bard College 1990.

Excellence and Equal Cost Scholarship, Bard College, 1987-1991