Kimberly Smith

Professor of Art History Kimberly Smith gave a talk in December 2020 titled “Modeling and Modernism: Charlotte Berend-Corinth’s Work” at the virtually held annual Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.

—December 2020

Professor of Art History Kimberly Smith gave a conference talk titled “Invisible Labor: German Modernist Art and Women’s Work” at the Feminist Art History Conference held at American University in Washington, D.C., Sept. 2830, 2018.

—October 2018

Professor of Art History Kimberly Smith published an essay titled “Maria Marc’s Letters” in the anthology Marianne Werefkin and the Woman Artists in Her Circle (Brill Rodopi, 2017). The essay argues that the assemblage of texts by Maria Marc—letters, postcards, widow’s signatures, provenance notes, etc.— form the literary tissue against and within which Franz Marc’s art emerged, and thus should be recognized as a generative act central to the Expressionist aesthetic.

—January 2017

Professor of Art History Kimberly Smith presented a paper titled “Becoming Human / Becoming Animal: Franz Marc and the Evolution of Perception” at the German Studies Association Annual Conference in San Diego on Oct. 1.

—October 2016

Kimberly Smith, professor of art history, edited a critical anthology titled, “The Expressionist Turn in Art History,” published by Ashgate in December 2014. Smith’s anthology includes a cross-section of art history texts from the early 20th century that have been described as expressionist, along with critical commentaries by an international group of scholars. Translated here from the German for the first time, these examples of an expressionist turn in art history, along with their secondary analyses and Smith’s substantial introduction, offer a productive lens through which to re-examine the practice and theory of art history in the early 20th century.

—January 2015