About Me

Recruitment Responsibilities

States: Alaska, Arizona, California (South), Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada.

Joined Admission Staff
July 2016

Home Town

Western United States. Moved a few times growing up, so I claim California, Nevada & Utah as home turf.

Favorite Thing About Southwestern

The size. This campus is the perfect size for getting to know classmates, professors and staff.

Georgetown Dining

Zydeco New Orleans Style Shaved Ice. Try the dreamsicle flavor … summer in a cup!

College Search Advice

Visit all sizes and shapes of college campuses. You’ll learn real fast if big, small, religious, urban or quaint are best for you. 

Choice Quote

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until the good becomes better, and the better becomes best. — St. Jerome

Strangest Thing In My Office

I may have a picture of Tami Taylor pinned on my cork board and the famous ‘Texas Forever’ above my door. I love the TV show Friday Night Lights. (Interesting enough, a few episodes of the show were filmed on Southwestern’s campus.)

Must See

My favorites: Gone with the Wind. 500 Days of Summer. Legends of the Fall.