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Community-Engaged Learning

The Office of Community-Engaged Learning (OCEL) collaborates with students, faculty, and community organizations to develop projects that promote sustained, mutually beneficial collaborations emphasizing student learning and community benefits.


Sarah Brackmann

Senior Director of Integrative and Community-Engaged Learning



Sarah Brackmann

Senior Director of Integrative and Community-Engaged Learning

Community-Engaged Learning
Community-Engaged Learning (Credit: Southwestern University)

Consistent with Southwestern’s core values, the OCEL encourages students to develop and act upon a heightened sense of responsibility to one’s community. Through community-engaged learning, individuals —as citizens of their communities, their nations, and the world— are empowered as agents of positive social change for a more democratic world. Southwestern students are active as community-engaged learners, activists, and volunteers in the community.

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Megan Schubert Leese ’01

Looking out for the Community

Inspired by a service trip to Honduras during one eye-opening spring break, Megan Schubert Leese ’01 now champions public health.

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Community-Engaged Learning News

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Oh The Places You’ll Go on the GoGeo

Have you heard? The GoGeo Bus is FREE for SU students, staff, and faculty! You may be wondering… what all can you do on the bus? Well, we got you covered! Learn about the places you’ll go on the GoGeo!

2018 Spring Breakaway t-shirt

Southwestern University Spring Breakaway program awarded 2018 T-Shirt of the Year by Breakaway!

We are happy to announce that in Breakaway’s 2018 T-Shirt of the Year Contest, they chose Spring Breakaway’s design!  Southwestern’s t-shirt design was awarded based on our story, inspiration, and design process for the shirt.

Ellie Crowley, '20 at the Up to Us Conference

It’s Up to Us

As the campus leader of the Southwestern University Up to Us team, I had the opportunity to travel to Oakland to participate in the winter training session. Going into the weekend, I knew the purpose of the session was to prepare each team leader, but I did not know how they would achieve this.