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Few people have the ability to influence and encourage us the way teachers do. The Education Department at Southwestern recognizes that education is the vehicle upon which our future rides, therefore we strive to develop culturally responsive teachers for tomorrow’s classrooms.


Michael Kamen

Professor of Education



Michael Kamen

Professor of Education

Education (Credit: Southwestern University)

We believe that a strong foundation in the liberal arts is critical to the preparation of excellent teachers.

The Department offers two majors in Education: Bachelors of Arts in Education and Bachelors of Science in Education (BSEd.). The BSEd. is for students seeking a Texas Teaching Certificate. 

Education courses are designed to provide both a philosophical and theoretical basis for teaching and other education careers. We expose Education students to teaching methodology that is based on the latest research and emphasize developmental characteristics of the learner, learning theories, diverse learners, and assessment. Our professors teach and model analytic, creative and evaluative thinking skills in order to develop lifelong learners who are skilled in the problem solving necessary for the modern classroom. Strong, early field experiences and a closely supervised student teaching placement are integral components of the program.

After graduation, during the critical first year of teaching, the Education Department provides assistance through the Semester of Support (S.O.S.) program. Graduates return to campus to exchange ideas, receive technical assistance from the Department faculty, and engage in evaluation of the Teacher Certification Program. S.O.S. also provides on-site technical support to graduates during their first year of teaching.

Although Education Degrees are awarded by Southwestern University, certification is awarded by the State of Texas. In completing the requirements for their respective degree programs, students must meet the requirements necessary for Texas teacher certification as well as the requirements of Southwestern. 

Students seeking elementary/middle school certification major in Education and choose either Elementary (EC-grade 6) or Middle (grade 4-grade 8) level teacher certification. All EC-grade 6 students receive dual certification in core subjects and special education. Students who major in Education and who are seeking the 4-8 certification must choose a content area from the following: language arts, math, science, math/science combination or social studies. 

Students seeking secondary or all-level certification typically major in Education and in addition must complete at least 24 credit hours of study in a subject field such as history, English, mathematics, etc. Secondary certification students frequently opt to go for a double major or second degree in their content field. The exception to this is that Music Education students must major in Music Education rather than Education. Specific information on courses required for elementary, middle, secondary and all-level certification programs is listed in the following pages.

Completing the Bachelor of Science in Education may require an extra semester of work. In fall of the senior year, placement in a field-based program will require students to return to Georgetown prior to the beginning of public school, which precedes the start of Southwestern University classes.

The capstone experience for Education majors consists of successful completion of the student teaching requirements.


Education News

Quincy Holland

Southwestern Education Major Wins TASPA Scholarship

Quincy Holland ’19 is the nineteenth recipient from SU to earn the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators

BiG - The Brookwood Community in Georgetown

A BiG Change of Perspective

During the spring semester of my senior year, I took the community-engaged learning course “Survey of Exceptionalities” with Dr. Alicia Moore, which examined special education, the stigmas that surround it, and the policy that influences it. Students got to choose the location that they wanted to volunteer with. Most chose to be in a special education classroom within local elementary schools, but I chose to spend my time with the citizens of BiG: Brookwood in Georgetown, “a community where adults with intellectual challenges are celebrated and empowered by engaging their talents in meaningful work.”

Mattie Kotzur ’16

Mattie Kotzur ’16 Combines Two of her Passions as Music Teacher at Ford Elementary in Georgetown

Whether she’s teaching second graders about Mozart or showing fourth graders the correct way to hold a recorder, Kotzur approaches each day with positivity, determination and joy.



Education Events

Lois Holzman

Performance and Play for Activism & Development

Lois Holzman, Director, East Side Institute for Group & Short Term Psycotherapy, an international educational and research center for developing and promoting alternative and radically humanizing approaches in psychology, education and community building.

If ever there was a time that the world’s people needed new ways of seeing
and being, it’s now. Living is precarious for vast numbers, a constant struggle
for too many others, and frustratingly challenging for everyone else far more
often than they’d like. Hear from developmental psychologist, play 
revolutionary and performance activist Lois Holzman how, where, and why 
play and performance generate social power for personal, community and 
global transformation.