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Feminist Studies

Interdisciplinary in nature, the Feminist Studies Program at Southwestern draws together faculty from across the university. We offer courses in feminist theory, women’s history and literature, feminist art history, and queer studies alongside courses incorporating feminist and queer approaches to sociology, anthropology, theatre, and religious studies.


Brenda Sendejo

Chair and Associate Professor of Feminist Studies



Brenda Sendejo

Chair and Associate Professor of Feminist Studies

Feminist Studies
Feminist Studies

The Feminist Studies curriculum exposes students to the large and ever-growing body of knowledge that makes up the broad category of feminist and gender studies, combining feminist theory with analyses of feminist activism, identifications, and practices.

Our program provides a critical exploration of how prominent categories of difference—gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, age, religion and nation—are constituted, challenged, and altered across time and place.

Part of this project involves revising the findings of traditional disciplines to include knowledge generated through a variety of feminist methodologies.

Students with an academic focus in feminist theories and methodologies are well prepared to succeed in a variety of fields, including non-profit and social services, law, journalism, theology, public policy, health care, cultural studies, education, and numerous other traditional disciplines within the academy.


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Personifying the University’s core values of “respecting the worth and dignity of persons” and “encouraging activism in the pursuit of justice and the common good,” a group of Southwestern students spent their spring break exploring how the contributions of workers, and especially the labor provided by immigrants, have often been undervalued and even erased in popular narratives about the U.S.’s economic and social progress.

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Dr. Levin will deliver a public lecture—and students and faculty will stage a reading of her new play—during the 2018 History Colloquium.