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Oberwetter, James C. Papers

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James C. Oberwetter
James C. Oberwetter Papers
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1963-1972 |Bulk: 1967-1969|
1.75 Linear Feet

Processed by: Bauerle, Ian
Date Processed: 04/2010

  • Jim Oberwetter, born November 3, 1944, was a major participant in the burgeoning Texas Republican Party in the 1960’s and 70’s. As a student at the University of Texas he pushed for the expansion of the UT Young Republican Organization, holding office as Vice President in 1965. Seeking higher office within the organization, he became national committeeman in 1966 and eventually ran for state chairman, albeit unsuccessfully. His work with the Young Republicans increased the viability of the Republican Party in state and national politics.

    He continued his political career by serving as George H. W. Bush’s press secretary during his time in congress. He stepped out of politics for a time to work in the oil business, becoming Vice President of Hunt Consolidated, a major oil company from Dallas. He returned to politics at the behest of President George W. Bush to serve as ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 2003-2007. In 2007, he founded Oberwetter and Company, a firm dedicated to international business and corporate strategy. As of 2008, he was serving as president of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

  • The collection contains primarily correspondence among important Texas Young Republicans and campaign brochures. The brochures cover local, state, and national campaigns throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. Also found are membership directories as well as news clippings and publications about both the Young Republicans and GOP, including a large section on the 1968 national and state elections. Other media include radio and television commercials and photographs from the 1968 Paul Eggers Gubernatorial campaign. Of special note is the play A Comedy of Errors: The Story of the Texas Young Republican Federation: 1967-68, by Jack Brannon that details the frequent infighting within the organization that is a common theme in this collection. Although the collection focuses primarily on the UT Young Republican club, it also mentions other Texas and National YR organizations.

  • Box and Folder
    1.1 National Organization Manuals, Brochures, and Bumper Stickers 1967-1968
    Young Socialist documents, Young Republican clubs in negro colleges, Young Republicans in Ohio, Hardcharger Program, First Voters Project, GOP National Committeeman Albert Bell Fay

    1.2 Texas Young Republican Organization Manuals 1936-1968
    The YR Star, The Shaft, TAR [Teen-Aged Republicans], Paschal Highschool YR, UTYR, Glenn Looney, Students for a Democratic Society 

    1.3 Texas Young Republican Directories N.D., 1965-1967
    Texas YR State Convention, College Republican National Committee

    1.4 Calnan, Neil-the last great YR organizer N.D., Aug. 3 1963-June 21 1971
    Chappel Hill incident, Steve Bartlett, Glenn Looney impeachment, Al Allison, Trudy Marley, Linda Underwood

    1.5 Darby, George Oct. 31 1963-June 14 1968
    Lewin Plunkett, Marvin Collins

    1.6 Pauken, Tom Oct. 18 1965-Feb. 1 1967
    American Security Council Report

    1.7 O’Donnell, Peter N.D., Oct. 27 1965-Sept 4 1968
    Al Allison, “Poolie” Pratt, Chester Upham jr., YR [Young Republican] Task Force

    1.8 Impeachment of Texas YR Chair Glenn Looney Jan. 1968
    Steve Bartlett, “Poolie” Pratt, Chester Upham jr., Ed Engler

    1.9a Nixon Campaign, 1968 1968
    Young Republican Campaigns-1968, Nelson Rockefeller, The Texas Observer, election bumper stickers, speeches and campaign paraphenalia pertaining to the theme of “Law & Order”

    1.9b 1968 Presidential Election 1968 Seperate Flat File
    Nelson Rockefeller, The Nixon Nominator

    2.1 Jim Oberwetter-Paul Eggers Files 1968
    Paul Eggers for Governor of Texas-1968, Preston Smith, Gary Griffith, Millard Neptune, “IMPACT”

    2.2 State Chairman Campaign 1968
    Frank C. Munn, Bobby Cosby, Nancy Seewald

    2.3 Republican Party, 1969 N.D., Feb 27 1966-Feb 18 1969
    Governor Ronald Reagan, Ernest Stromberger, Nancy Palm, Peter O’Donnell, Richard Nixon, Senator John Tower

    2.4 Campaign Brochure Samples N.D., 1964-1972
    National Republican Campaigns, Texas Republican Campaigns, National Young Republican Campaigns and Organization Brochures, Texas Young Republican Campaigns, Rhodesian Independence, Victory in Vietnam Association (VIVA), Texas Bill of Rights Foundation, Jim Collins, Frank Crowley

    2.5 Photographs I- Paul Eggers Campaign 1968
    Jim Oberwetter Texas Young Republican State Chair Campaign, Peggy O’Neil, Ed Engler, Carlton Suiter, Gary Griffith, Maurice Angly, Congressman Gerald Ford

    2.6 News Clippings I- Paul Eggers Campaign N.D., Sept.-Oct. 1968
    Paul Eggers, Maurice Angly, Nixon/Agnew Campaign, Eugene McCarthy-Children’s Crusade

    2.7 Photographs II- Young Republicans (Late 1960s) N.D., Nov. 1968
    Senator John Tower, Frank Crowley

    2.8 News Clippings II- Young Republicans (Late 1960s) N.D., April 4 1967-Nov 7 1968
    Glenn Looney impeachment, 1968 Presidential Campaign, Senator John Tower, Bebe Evelyn, Maurice Angly

    2.9 U.T. Young Republicans, Folder 1 of 2 N.D., July 9 1963-Dec 1966
    UTYR Constitution (proposed, finalized, and amended versions), “A Comedy of Errors: The Story of the Texas Young Republican Federation, 1967-68” by Jack Brannon, comprehensive UTYR directory, Jerry Gibson, YR Banner (1965-1966)

    2.10 U.T. Young Republicans, Folder 2 of 2 N.D., Jan. 1967-Mar. 1968
    Neill Wilkerson, Ed Kasparik, YR Banner (1967-1968), Gary Bruner, Ed Engler, John Burns, Donald Lukens, “Victory in Progress” vs “Unity through Action” (YR campaigns), Julian Buenger, Maurice Angly, Karen Elliott

    3.1 Paul Eggers for Governor Radio and Television Commercials. Ca. six one minute audio tapes; eight minute or less 16mm films. 1968
    Campaign positions on crime/taxes/law and order