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Moomaw, Kevin Collection

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Kevin Moomaw
Kevin Moomaw Collection
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1972, 1978
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Processed by: Johle, Sheran
Date Processed: 01/2008

  • Kevin Moomaw was a campaign volunteer in the 1972 and 1978 Tower Senatorial Campaigns.

  • This collection of memorabilia contains examples of the various types of campaign materials used by the Tower Campaign in 1972 and 1978. There is a Volunteer Guide and a Tower Issues booklet along with a Young Texans for Tower brochure.

    The memorabilia items include one Women Power for Tower sticker from the 1972 campaign, two different Tower Power canvas bags, John Tower bumper stickers in blue on white and white on blue, Nosotros Con Tower bumper stickers, and a lapel stick pin from the 1978 election bid. There are examples of the different posters and yard signs as well as the various flyers, including “The Issue isn’t Unions. It’s Freedom.” and “Let’s Start from Strength. Not from Scratch” used in the 1978 campaign.

    There are a few items from the Krueger campaign, a door hanger and an article from the Texas AFL-CIO Labor News.

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    Box 1 (Tower Small Collections, Papers)
    1.1 How to stand for Texas with Tower. 1978 . Volunteer’s Guide.

    1.2 [Campaign Issues Booklet] [1978] Created by the research operation of the Tower campaign to deal with issues relative to the Tower stand with quotes from Bob Krueger relating to his position on the same issues.

    1.3 Miscellaneous Campaign Material [1972], [1978]
    John Tower US Senator sticky label, women Power for Tower sticky label, blue Tower signature on white Texas lapel pin; Blue/white and White/blue Tower bumper stickers (2 of each), 1 Nosotros con tower bumper sticker, Do you want too much government to stand in your way? (Young Texans for Tower) campaign brochure; The issue isn’t Unions. It’s Freedom. (campaign flyer); Krueger Vote Democratic campaign poster, Bob Krueger voting record door hanger, Texas AFL-CIO labor news report of Krueger talk to labor group (paid for by Texans for Tower) 

    Box 2 (Tower Small Collections, Memorabilia)
    -Tower Power Bag. n.d. 15” x 12.5” x 1”; 15” x 14” x 5”
    ” Tower Power” in white on navy, rainbow braid around top of bag, rainbow braid handles; “Tower Power” in brown on beige, zipper closure, with outside zipper pocket, brown braid decoration, brown braid handles, 2 slash pockets on back of bag (original mfg. tag still attached Mon Sac of San Francisco)

    FF 10 
    - John Tower U. S. Senator poster. n.d. 
    White on blue posters (14 x 22”), 2 white on blue yard signs (7 x 22”) 

    - “Back to issues? John Tower never left”. Framed newspaper velox, 19” x 25” 1978. LOAN. Scheduled to run in the Daily Texan, but not used. Political cartoon in the upper right corner: Krueger says, “Why Senator, what a surprise,” while dropping a crayon in the trash as Tower enters the restroom. Writing on the wall “John Tower wants only women and whisky.” Advertisement contains Krueger quotes and Tower stand on issues.