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Love, Franklin Deaderick Collection

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F. D. Love
F. D. Love Collection
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3.2 Linear Feet (Divided into two accessions)

Processed by: Baker, Sarah
Date Processed: 09/1998

  • Franklin Deaderick Love was born in Johnson City, Tennessee on May 22, 1870. His mother was Sarah (Alexander) Love and his father, Robert Love, was a distinguished lawyer. His family was quite well-known in Tennessee political circles, for his cousins Alf and Robert Love were both governors of that state.

    He received his A.B. from Milligan College in Tennessee. He pursued his post-graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, where Woodrow Wilson was one of his instructors. In 1894, he received his law degree from Vanderbilt University.

    Love came to Georgetown in 1897 to practice law. In November of 1902, he married Mellie Lockett, daughter of M.B. and Annie Lockett, who were prominent citizens of Georgetown. Mellie was valedictorian of the Southwestern class of 1895. Two of her sisters were married to Southwestern professors: Pearl married Prof. Albert Shipp Pegues and Kate was married to Prof. Wesley Carroll Vaden. Mellie and F.D. had only one child, Frances Lockett Love, who was born on August 20, 1904.

    F.D. branched out from the law and entered politics in 1905 as a flotorial representative from Burnet and Williamson counties. He served on several committees, including Senate Affairs, Banking and Private Corporations, Judiciary, State Affairs, Suffrage, Elections, and Revenue and Taxation. Love also authored and proposed the city depository bill.

    After serving in the legislature for four years, Love returned to his law practice in Georgetown and added a partner, Alfred Nunn. He was prominent in local affairs, serving as city attorney, then as county judge from 1919-1927, at which time he retired due to poor health. He was also president of the local school board for many years.

    Throughout his adulthood, Love was active in the Knights of Pythias, a charitable fraternity that sponsors halfway houses and other community homes. F.D. Love passed away in 1931, after a two-year illness following an attack of influenza.

  • The bulk of the collection is composed of correspondence between F.D. Love and his wife Mellie (Lockett)Love, written between 1903 and 1910. The majority of these letters describe F.D. Love’s experiences as a Texas legislator, including his work on specific committees, the ad valorum tax, and the passage of the City Depository Bill, which he authored and proposed. These letters provide a candid look at many Texas politicians, such as Governor Lanham, Judge Glasscock, Senator Bailey, and J. T. Canales. Of particular note are two letters describing celebrity visitors to the Texas Capitol, including Sarah Bernhardt (1906) and Theodore Roosevelt (1905).

    The later correspondence between F.D. and Mellie (1921-1928) deals primarily with the divorce between Albert Shipp Pegues and Pearl Lockett Pegues, as well as his service as city attorney and county judge.

    Other items in the collection include stock certificates; a portfolio of important papers such as subpoenas, stock and tax information; a handwritten book of poetry composed by Love (1887); and a letter copy book, which contains typewritten copies of letters he wrote as a private attorney in Georgetown (1905-1906).

    Accessions processed July 2006:

    The bulk of this group of documents, 1 document case, consists of Franklin Love’s Taylor/Love family genealogy research correspondence. The remaining documents are a mixture of legal work from the Love law practice, legal documents relating to the Franklin Love family, some personal correspondence and a small group of financial documents. These were found circa 2004 among Mood-Heritage Museum items stored in the university warehouse.

    Among the non-genealogy correspondence are copies of letters to former Tennessee classmates, miscellaneous family correspondence as well as two letters from the Civil War period written by Gen. A. E. Jackson to “Landon” regarding the Confederate States Alien Enemy Act. The legal documents and correspondence contain information regarding subjects such as: a petition for pardon, a guardianship dispute, a group of papers relating to a suit for seduction, insurance suits and collection letters.

    A small group of booklets pertaining to Bell and Scottish Alexander family members, data on the Love family, booklets with alphabetic lists of correspondents were retained with the collection. Periodicals from the East Tennessee Historical Society and Haywood County Centennial, a “Let’s Go Back to Tennessee” Homecoming brochure, booklets pertaining to North Carolina were donated to the Haywood County Library and other Tennessee institutions.

    The remaining materials, a letter copy book (1904-1905) and a ledger book with account payment information from the Love law practice, are boxed with the folder of “Valuable Papers” from the original accession of Love papers. The book, Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Andrew Johnson, was pulled from the collection and cataloged in Special Collections.

  • Box and Folder
    1.1 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    1901, 1903
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Knights of Pythias, Thela Wilcox; letter from Moselle Apperson, with handwritten vow from F. D. Love to stop smoking; news clip “Another Statement” 10-17-01. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    1.2 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: J. M. Black, Mr. Booty, Carl Burkhardt, John Gren ?, election and campaigns, Bartlett, Hereford, Hillsboro, Fort Worth, Houston, Leander, Round Rock, Taylor; news clip “Asks a Divorce From ‘Bob’ Taylor”; telegrams, postcards. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    1.3 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Texas House of Representatives; member of committees: Senate Affairs, Banking and Private Corporations, Judiciary, State Affairs, Revenue and Taxation; mentions: Sen. Bailey, Dr. Bennett, Sen. Culberson, ? Dauchy, Bascom Davidson, Kirby and Moore trial, Miss Lamb, M. B. Lockett, T. B. Love, ? McNeill, Miss Peel, Dr. Rankin, Judge Reagan, Judge Robertson, Mrs. Robinson, Judge Terrell, purchase of Alamo, Southwestern University [SU], Daughters of the Republic of Texas; news clips “A Trifle in Names”, “House Broke Record for Day’s Work Done in Similar Time”; copy of House Bill 389. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    1.4 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Texas House of Representatives: city depository bill, amendments to electricity law, “PipeLine”; Dr. Black, Dr. Briggs, Judge Glasscock, M. B. Lockett, Warren Moore, Judge Reagan, Hu ? Roberston, Theodore Roosevelt. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    1.5 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Texas House of Representatives: city depository bill, ad valorum tax, President Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to Legislature; Hempstead murder trial, Mineral Wells; Joe Bailey, Grover Cleveland, Judge Davidson, President Harrison, President Hayes, Mrs. Hughes, Knights of Pythias, M. B. Lockett, President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Mrs. Sneed, Prof. Vaden; Missouri-Texas Annual Debate, Southwestern University [SU] debate team, interview with “The Express”; Missouri Texas Annual Debate program, leather postcards from Mineral Wells. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    1.6 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Texas House of Representatives: banking bill, city depository bill, Free Conference Appropriations Committee, night sessions; Dr. Black, Judge Griffith, Gov. Lanham, Mary Mame, Bob Taylor, Hugh Taylor; Annual Firemen’s Convention, barbecue at Hyde Park, Taylor, TX. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.1 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Museum Accession 1982.244 a-f.
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Texas House of Representatives: member of committee on privileges, suffrage, and elections, endorsement from Burnet county, Sarah Bernhardt’s visit to the Legislature; Sarah Bernhardt, J. T. Canales, C. C. Pearson, W. F. Robertson and wife. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.2 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Museum Accession 1982.244 a-f.
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Texas House of Representatives: Sen. Bailey’s victory speech, reception at Govenor’s, Williamson county people staging anti-Glasscock rally; Sen. Bailey, Judge Brooks, Dan Chisholm, Judge Glasscock, Mr. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Ware; postcard. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.3 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letter to Mellie (Lockett) Love; postcard. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.4 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love and Frances Lockett Love, mentioning: M. B. Lockett and wife, Shipp and Pearl Pegues, Laurie Richardson, Mr. Weir; Southern Methodist University [SMU]. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.5 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Shipp and Pearl Pegues: separation and subsequent divorce of, legal advice to Pearl; Dallas, Dimmit county; ? McDowell, “Sleepy” Moore; telegrams. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.6 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to Mellie (Lockett) Love, mentioning: Elizabethton, TN; Georgetown, Georgetown’s Square; Williamson County Elections: Jack Bill ?, ? Egger, Frank Humphrey, Tom Love, Luke Maupain ?, Dan Moody, ? Smith, Democratic preliminaries; ? Hewitt, M. B. Lockett, Alfred Taylor Love, Nunn Family, Shipp and Pearl Pegues, Jack Taylor, Prof. Vaden; President of Stonewall Jackson College. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.7 F. D. Love, Love, Mellie Lockett. Correspondence
    Letters to F. D. Love, mentioning: Jesse Daniel Ames, ? Hardy, Pearl and Shipp Pegues, Prof. Vaden, Kate Vaden; Knights of Pythias, Southwestern University [SU] vs. State University, University of Texas Missouri Debate; two white satin ribbons that read “Guest. Grand Lodge K. of P. Mineral Wells, Texas, 1905.” (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.8 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to F. D. Love, mentioning: Mrs. M. B. Lockett, Frances Lockett Love, Pearl and Shipp Pegues, Kate Vaden, Elsie ?. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.9 F. D. Love, Correspondence
    Letters to F. D. Love, mentioning: Pearl and Shipp Pegues, separation and divorce of: Dr. Bradford, Judge Cockrell, Dr. Kern, ? McDowell, Prof. Moore, Shipp Pegues, Shipp Sanders, ? Waldrop, Claude ?; Southern Methodist University [SMU], Dimmitt county; New York City, NY: Frances Lockett Love, Tom Love, Katherine Mayo, New York City (sights and details); postscript and letter from Pearl Pegues enclosed. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.10 F. D. Love, Pegues, Pearl. Correspondence
    Letter to Frances Lockett Love; letter to F. D. Love, mentioning: Pearl and Shipp Pegues, separation and divorce of: Ina Brown, ? McDowell, Prof. Moore, ? Nichols, ? Oreton, Mrs. Frank Reedy, Mary Sanders, ? Waldrop, Eunice ?, Southern Methodist University [SMU]. (Museum accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.11 F. D. Love, Incoming Miscellaneous. Correspondence
    Letters to F.D. and Mellie [Lockett] Love from: W. H. Nunn, Mary Sanders, Leila Weaver; envelope addressed to T. H. Cody from F. D. Love; letter addressed to Hon. Issac Harr; letter and deed regarding burial of Robert E. Love; letter to F. D. Love from “SCW”. (Museum Accession 1982.244 a-f)

    2.12 F. D. Love, Poems
    Typed transcript of F. D. Love’s poetry; 28 pages. (Museum accession 1981.62 b)

    2.13 F. D. Love, Tinsley, R. W. to Franklin D. Love
    Letter to F.D. Love thanking him for a $200.00 contribution to Southwestern University’s re-building fund. Written on Southwestern University [SU] letterhead. (Museum accession 1980.70)

    F. D. Love, Membership of Local Home Guard During Civil War.
    Williamson County Sun
    List of members of Home Guard during Civil War; supplied by Miss Hattie Daniels, archivist in Library of Texas. (Museum accession 1980.71)

    F. D. Love, Sanjack Mop Advertisement
    Advertisement for Sanjack Mop Wringer; S. T. Atkin, patentee and manufacturer. (Museum accession 1981.69-71)

    Love, F. D. Clay Clement in Sam Houston
    Sam Houston: A Drama in Four Acts by Clay Clement, in Collaboration with John McGovern and Jesse Edson. (Museum accession 1980.72)

    F. D. Love, The Texas Society: Sons of the American Revolution
    6”x4” cream colored paperback booklet. (Museum accession 1980.72a)

    F. D. Love, Bowles, George. “The Legend of the Guadalupe.”
    Kerrville, TX: Mountain Sun
    Textured semi-transparent (wax paper type) booklet of poetry. (Museum accession 1980.73)

    F. D. Love, Inaugural Ball; Austin, Texas
    Leather-covered dance program with pencil attached by tassel. (Museum accession 1980.74)

    F. D. Love, Morse, J. H. “Rich! Rare! Racy!
    3 1/2” by 5” yellow paperback booklet; written by J. H. Morse, Democratic nominee for County School Superintendent, Navarro County. (Museum accession 1980.75)

    F. D. Love, Nolan Visits Georgetown

    F. D. Love, Adair, W. S. “Recalls Time Deer Roamed Around Home
    (Museum accession 1980.69)

    F. D. Love, Valedictory of the Class of ’95
    Handwritten valedictory address to the class of 1895. (Museum accession 1982.53)

    F. D. Love, Visits to Georgetown

    2.14 F. D. Love, Manuscripts of Poetry and Prose.” While We Live, Let Us Live
    Handwritten manuscripts of poetry and prose.

    2.15 F. D. Love, Manuscripts of Poetry

    3.1 F. D. Love, Notary Public
    Museum Accession 1983.26p.
    8 x 14” certificate, appointed by Gov. Sayers.

    F. D. Love, Notary Public
    8 1/2 x 11” certificate, appointed by Gov. T. M. Campbell. (Museum Accession 1983.26 l)

    F. D. Love, Sale of Automobile
    8 1/2 x 11” certificate for sale of Buick 29; automobile number 471; signed by Thos. H. Flinn, county clerk and R. E. Moore. (Museum Accession 1983.26 r)

    F. D. Love, Love, Lockett and Cody Family Tree
    Family tree (no dates) of Lockett, Love, and Cody families; written on reverse of wallpaper; paper copy folded inside [genealogy]. (Museum Accession 1983.26 t)

    3.2 F. D. Love Stock Certificates
    9 x 11” certificate; F. D. Love’s name is shown on various stocks as Franklin, or Franklin Deaderick, also adding Esq. (Museum Accession 1983.26 q)

    3.3 F. D. Love, Taylor, Hon. Alf. “Poetry and Pearls”
    n. d.
    Paperbound; Mr. Taylor’s picture on cover. (Museum accession 1983.26 j)

    F. D. Love, Goodbye to the Thirtieth Legislature
    Photograph on inside cover signed “Yours Truly, J. E. Grinstead”; F. D. Love’s signature appears twice on program. (Museum Accession 1983.26 h)

    F. D. Love, Elderkin, W. A. “Ritual of the Ancient Order of Hercules: A Burlesque.”
    Paperbound play (Museum Accession 1983.26 I)

    F. D. Love, Photograph
    Picture of a cornfield ? (Museum Accession.)

    F. D. Love, Photograph
    Picture of an unidentified man sitting on the front porch of a house. (Museum accession

    F. D. Love, Photograph
    Photograph of an unidentified man sitting on the front porch of a house. (Museum accession)

    F. D. Love, Tintype Photograph
    Tintype of six unidentified men (county officials?). (Museum accession)
    3-4 F. D. Love, County Judge
    14 x 17” certificate of election; signed by Governor W. P. Hobby and Secretary of State Geo. H. Howard. (Museum Accession 1983.26 m)

    3.4 F. D. Love, County Judge
    14 x 17” certificate of election; signed by Governor Pat M. Neff and the Secretary of State? (Museum Accession 1983.26 n)

    F. D. Love, County Judge
    14 x 17” certificate of election; signed by Governor Pat M. Neff and Secretary of State ? (Museum Accession 1983.26 o)

    3.5 F. D. Love, Judge F. D. Love, Unidentified Friends
    5 x 7”; three photos; mounted photo, on reverse “County Attorney Franklin D. Love Georgetown, Texas. (Museum Accession 1992.64 b, 1987.7)

    3.6 Love, F. D. Early Stories of Williamson County

    3.7 F. D. Love, Hangman’s Tree, Bandera
    Confederate Soldiers from Willliamson County:Sawyer, Thayer, Shumake, Whitmire, Kyle, Smart, Vanvinkle.

    3.8 F. D. Love, Indians of Williamson Co., Family Histories, County Treasurers
    Treasurers from 1849-1902; County Superintendents 1887-1906.

    3.9 F. D. Love, Notes on Old Settlements
    Wilson Springs, Gooch Corn Mill, Knight’s Springs, Durgan, McFadin, Gillette, Darlington, Avery, Litton, Barker, Rice’s Crossing, Wilbarger, Stiles, Ray, Branch, Turkey Creek, Orgain, Evans, McCutcheon, Taylor, Boyce, Rice, Palm Valley, Sims, Stearns crossing, Hamblin’s West, Hamblen, Alligator creek, Gordon, Lockland, Lane, Laneport, Vontress, Rubarths Crossin on Gabriel, McFadin from Hog Eye to Circleville, Stearns, Eubank, Berry mill on Berry Creek, Mather Mill, Russell cotton gin, Easley cotton gin.

    3.10 F. D. Love, Santa Fe Expedition
    Typed information by George Wilkins Kendall.

    3.11 F. D. Love, Webster Massacre
    Typed history of the massacre by Martha Webster-Simmons’ ? ; San Antonio Express article; Williamson County Sun article; pages copied from Land of Good Water. (From Francis Love Estate)

    3.12 F. D. Love, Typescripts of Prose
    ” Capt. George T. Howard’s Fight,” “ Wilbarger Family”

    4.1 Love, F. D. Correspondence and Property Records, Tennessee. Includes Civil War Correspondence]
    Correspondence and property information for Alfred L. Taylor, A. W. Taylor, Elizabeth Thomas Taylor. Two letters to “Landon” (with typed transcripts) concerning the Sequestration Act regarding “Alien Enemy” status in Tennessee during the Civil War: one letter from [General?] A. E. [“Mudwall”?] Jackson advises Landon to enlist in an East Tenn. regiment and “wipe out the reproach on your name.” It also states that he believes the war will be over by the end of this year. The second letter (incomplete) tells what will happen if property is seized by the Confederacy and offers to make arrangements with Col. Love, who is under “my” command, for enlistment.

    4.2 F. D. Love, Legal Documents
    Papers are apparently related to Love’s work as a lawyer; folder contains: mortgages, releases, assignments, conveyances, land occupancy statements, property transfers.

    F. D. Love, Legal Documents
    Folder contains papers that appear related to Love’s work as a lawyer: vendor liens, estate guardianship papers, warranty deeds, deeds of trust.

    4.3 F. D. Love, Tennessee Inheritance Laws, Petition
    Booklet compiled by Adelaide Edwards “Tennessee Inheritance Tax Laws”; final decree petition for partition of land filed in Lauderdale Co. Tenn.

    4.5 F. D. Love, Legal Documents
    Appear to be papers related to Love’s work as a lawyer; abstracts of judgment, collection agreements, petition for pardon, estate settlement/suit, list of marriage Licenses issued 1846-1860, suit for seduction, guardianship papers (Frances Lockett Love for Mellie Lockett Love).

    4.6 Love, F. D. Correspondence, Incoming/Outgoing
    Letters from: family (sister, cousins), former Tennessee classmates; letters to Mellie Lockett Love, Judge Cooper Sandsom; some genealogy correspondence; wedding invitation for Mellie Beveridge Lockett and Franklin Deaderick Love

    4.7 Love, F. D. Business Correspondence, Incoming/Outgoing
    Appears to be correspondence related to Love’s work as a lawyer; regarding: insurance suit, guardianship dispute, Industrial Accident Board inquires.

    4.8 F. D. Love, Financial Documents
    Papers inside include receipts, checks, stock certifications, bank statements; Georgetown, TX; Taylor, TX; Johnson City, TN.

    4.9 Love, F. D. Correspondence, Outgoing
    Relating to Love family genealogy; includes photostatic copy of 1853 letter from G. C. ? Love, Waynesville.

    5.1 F. D. Love, Genealogy Correspondence
    Love and Taylor family genealogy.

    5.2 F. D. Love, Genealogy Correspondence
    Love/Taylor family genealogy.

    5.3 F. D. Love, Genealogy Correspondence
    Love/Taylor family genealogy.

    5.4 F. D. Love, Genealogy Correspondence
    Love/Taylor family genealogy.

    5.5 F. D. Love, Genealogy Papers
    n.d., 1930
    Contains handwritten and/or typed biography/genealogy for: Wilbarger, Atkinson, Casey, Love, Newman, Robertson, Dulaney, Allen, Williams, Taylor, Patton; family tree; correspondence with Mrs. Bachman; paper on origin of the surname Love. 

    5.6 F. D. Love, Valuable Papers
    various dates from 1897-1937
    Black plastic case with “valuable papers” stamped in gold; papers inside include insurance papers, subpoenas, stock information, tax information. (Museum accession 1983.26g)

    F. D. Love, “Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Andrew Johnson”
    1876 (cataloged for Special Collections)

    F. D. Love, Ledger Book
    Some account listings for F. D. Love law offices?

    F. D. Love, Letter Copy Book
    Contains copies of: collection letters, campaign announcement letters, legal correspondence, magazine subscription letters, interrogatory transcript, letters re: issuing citations out of state.

    Booklets, notebooks
    n.d., 1912, 1916
    “The Bells in the Revolution”; “the Bell Bamily in America”; “Descent of the Scottish Alexanders” by F. A. Sondley; pocket size Memorandum book with alphabetized list of names; notebook with alphabetized list of letters sent and received; notebook with handwritten “Data on the Love Family”; Masterpiece tablet with genealogy information.

    5.7 F. D. Love, A Book of Nightmares, Idiocies, Dreams, and Rhimes
    Handwritten book of original poetry, velvet and leather bound, 8 1/2” by 11”. (Museum accession 1981.62a)

    5.8 Love, Franklin D., Letter Copy Book
    10 ½ x 12 x 1” (Museum Accession 1992.64 a)