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Dobie, Bertha McKee Correspondence

Manuscript Collection Number:
Bertha McKee Dobie
Bertha Dobie Correspondence
Data Span:
June 3, 1944-June 3, 1963
1 Folder

Processed by: Prothro, Rowan
Date Processed: 03/2013

  • Bertha Dobie (Southwestern University class of 1910) was born on July 8, 1890, and spent her childhood chiefly in Velasco, Texas. After graduating from school at age 14, she entered Southwestern University. She thought of her own life as centering on plants and the world of nature, becoming a prominent Texas naturalist.

    For more biographical information on Bertha Dobie, please visit or see her entry in the online Handbook of Texas.

    Edgar Kincaid, Jr., Bertha’s nephew, was the recipient of the majority of Bertha’s letters in this collection. Born on December 30, 1921 in San Antonio, Edgar became one of the most important birders in Texas and earned the name of “The Father of Texas Birding.”

    For more information on Edgar Kincaid, Jr., please visit or read in his entry in the online Handbook of Texas.

  • The Bertha Dobie Correspondence collection consists of one folder of correspondence, the majority of which is from Bertha Dobie to Edgar Kincaid, Jr., although a few letters are to and/or from other people. For example, there is one letter from Ray Pearl Condry to her aunt, as well as one letter to J. Frank Dobie from a man named Stan. The correspondence deals mostly with routine family matters, such as Edgar’s health and schooling, travels, finances, and J. Frank Dobie’s schedule. There are also references to birding and World War II. Mentioned in the letters are close friends Roy Bedichek and his wife, as well as family member Ray Pearl Condry.