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Barrick, Bruce Papers

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Bruce Barrick
Bruce Barrick Papers
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Processed by: Jones, Elizabeth
Date Processed: 10/1998

  • Bruce Barrick became involved in politics at age 15 in Lubbock, Texas, where he founded the Teen Age Republicans (TARs). As a student at Southwestern University from 1967-1969, he re-initiated the Young Republicans club. According to Barrick, the Young Republicans were at the forefront of building the Republican Party in Texas. Barrick states “if you want control of the party, get youth and women’s clubs and use them as volunteers.” During this period there were battles among senior party officials to control Republican youth. Two separate groups were formed – the ”black hats” and the “white hats.” The “black hats” were members of a conservative group, Young Americans for Freedom. Barrick’s group, the “white hats,” were more progressive.

    Barrick, who now considers himself a Democrat, has a public relations firm in Austin and does political consulting.

  • Correspondence, printed material including newsprint, membership lists, organizational manuals. Of particular note are the College Republican Organization Manual and the Organizational Structure of the Young Republican National Federation. The papers also contain Republican campaign memorabilia including posters, brochures and items from the 1968 Republican National Convention.

  • 1.1 Republican Newsletters and Miscellaneous Publications, 1965–1975
    Teenage Republican Workshop invitation; YR Star; Paschal Young Republican Workshop Agenda; YR Billboard; Campaign Countdown brochures; Texas Students for Reagan letter; TYRF Newsletters, miscellaneous letters, program committee report; Republican Party of Texas newsletter; White Hat Reunion 3 letter; Young Republican newspaper clippings. 

    1.2 Young Republican Membership Directories, 1965 – 1970
    Young Republican membership card file; TYRF Directory; Revised club directory; TYRF officers/club listings; Young Republican White Hat reunion directory; appointed state officials. 

    1.3 Miscellaneous Items Regarding Republican Convention, 1965–1968
    Congressional Record; Newsweek Republican Convention scorecard; letter from Nathan Smith/TYRF to Bruce Barrick; 1968 Republican Convention parking areas; Florida information; Republican Party of Texas newsletter from Peter O’Donnell; “Agriculture for Nixon” newsletter; Texas Team Captains - members for 1968 Republican National Convention; Official schedule for Republican National Convention. 

    1.4 Miscellaneous 1968 Election Material, 1964–1968
    Choice ’68 - Southwestern; Nixon family portrait; Republican Platform 1968; Texas Republican Platform 1968; Texas Republican Precinct Plan; Roper Report on Gallup/Harris polls. 

    1.5 Young Republican Correspondence, 1967–1975
    Miscellaneous letters to Bruce Barrick concerning Young Republicans; 1969 TYRF Convention schedule 

    1.6 Young Republican Organization Manuals, 1965
    College Republican National Committee organization manual 1965; Young Republican organizational structure 1965 

    1.7 Campaign Memorabilia, 1968
    Republican Convention memorabilia; Tower 1978 campaign memorabilia; Reagan 1968 campaign memorabilia; Rockefeller 1968 campaign memorabilia; Eggers 1968 campaign memorabilia; Bush campaign memorabilia (congress and senate races); Nixon election campaign memorabilia 1968. 

    Flat File
    1. Republican Newspaper Publications, 1965 – 1968
    The Forum, The Texas Republican, Miami Life, The Nixon Nominator 

    1. Campaign ad, “Doesn’t He Know It Takes More Than Mud to Beat Tower?” 1978
    Full page newspaper campaign ad 

    9. Campaign poster, “Barry Goldwater In Your Heart…. You Know He’s Right.” c. 1970s
    13 x 21 ” red & yellow campaign poster 

    9. Nixon Tanning Reflector, c. 1970s
    Campaign memorabilia: Two-fold reflector, yellow & silver, face with sun on front and sticker on inside “Get that Nixon Victory glow” 

    9. Republican National Convention Folio, 1968
    Folder contains Young Republican activities memo; list of lobbyists; slide indicator for apportionment of delegates/political party of governor, senators, reps from each state; newspaper & magazine article reprints; Collins congressional newsletter