Eric Selbin (Salon 2)  is a political sociologist whose primary research interests are revolutions and related forms of collective socio-political behavior (resistance, rebellion, social movements) as well as International Relations Theory. Selbin is part of the “Fourth Generation” theorists of revolution and his most well-known work, which has been translated into Arabic, German, Spanish, and Turkish and published in India, is Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance: The Power of Story (2010). Much of his work has focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, and his Modern Latin American Revolutions (1993; 1999) has frequently been featured as a textbook in courses in Latin American Studies and contentious politics. His book with Pace University Professor Meghana Nayak, Decentering International Relations, has been part of the decolonial turn in International Relations theory. Selbin holds a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota and is Professor of Political Science at Southwestern University, where he has held appointments as Brown Distinguished Professor (1999-2003), University Scholar (2006-14), and since 2014 the Lucy Kind Brown Chair, one of six endowed Brown Chairs at Southwestern University. In 2013, Selbin was appointed a research fellow at the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS) at the University of Texas at Austin, and he has held appointments at Sweden’s Umeå University (2003-2006) and at the Tallinn Postgraduate Summer School in Social and Cultural Studies (2012).