Poster printing is available in the SLC Research Commons.

The printer is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to noon and from 1:00pm to 4:30pm during the days the university is open. 

Printing a poster on the poster printer requires a reservation. Make a poster reservation here.

Actual instructions for printing can be found here.

InfoDesk Approved Slides - Use these blank slides to start building your poster. Pick the size you want and save the poster as a PDF before bringing it to the InfoDesk for printing.

Designing Conference Posters - Advice on how to prepare posters for scientific meetings, research conferences, and similar gatherings of people who want to share their stuff on really big pieces of paper.

The Basics of Poster Design - Tips on figuring out and designing the focal point or theme of your poster.

Poster Templates

These can be used with PowerPoint/LibreOffice/Google Docs - click on the image to download the template.

Green Poster with 4 Columns

Blue Poster with 3 Columns

Brown Poster with Arrows

Pastel Poster with Top-Down Design




There are several places on the internet that provide free PowerPoint templates. Below is a sampling of a few:

[note that the website may specify a specific version of PowerPoint but if you have a current or relatively new version of PowerPoint, these should work just fine. Also, these will open in LibreOffice and GoogleDocs - you may need to do some adjustments.]

PowerPoint Templates for Scientific Research Posters

Scientific Poster PowerPoint Templates for Free!

Free PowerPoint Templates for Poster Design


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