Group visits are offered Monday – Thursday, at 11:00 a.m. The visit lasts 75 minutes and includes the following:

Please note: Group visits are very limited mid-May to early September due to limited number of Student Ambassador Tour Guides. 

  • A 45 minute Student Life Tour by a current SU student
  • A 30 minute Information Session of your choice:

1) The Southwestern Experience – Highlighting Southwestern’s academic, admission and financial aid ideologies.


 2) Finding the Right Fit: Tips for the College Search Process – Outlining how to be effective in finding the right type of higher education for you.


Southwestern University can host a group of up to 50 students.

Our expectations for guided group tours are as follows:

  • All visiting students must be in high school and have a serious desire to tour our campus
  • One adult chaperone is required for every 10 students
  • Students should speak in an appropriate tone for a business environment when arriving on campus. During the presentation and tour, it is expected that all electronics, (e.g., cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc.) are turned off
  • During the campus tour, students should give full attention and respect to the tour guide and presenter
  • Visitors should stay together as a group. Wandering off without permission is not permitted
  • Chaperones are expected to assist with compliance of Southwestern visit policies
  • Groups who abuse Southwestern’s policies may not be welcomed back for future visits

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate groups of elementary and middle school students. These groups should consider our self-guided tour. If you choose the self-guided tour option, please remember that you will be bringing your students into an academic environment. We expect all groups to be respectful and considerate of our students, staff, and faculty who live and work on our campus. Because we have classes in session in all of our buildings, we ask that you do not enter any building on campus except for the McCombs Campus Center. Groups who do not adhere to these guidelines or are disruptive to the learning environment will not be allowed to return to campus.

Group tours are not available during midterms, finals, holidays, and Spring Break. Additionally, we are unable to accommodate any groups on weekends.

Summer availability is also limited (May-August).

Meals must be arranged at least one week in advance at the expense of the visiting group. We can provide the group with contact information for our food service provider.

Availability of guided campus tours is dependent on the size of the visiting group.

Please note: For groups who fall outside of the guidelines above, please consider our self-guided tour.


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