Our Mission

Our mission is to treat all applicants fairly and with respect. In all cases, our decisions are reached by multiple individuals reviewing the application and voting in a manner s/he believe is in the best interest of both the student and the University. We take this responsibility seriously and realize we are dealing with the lives and future directions of our applicants.

Application Deadlines

Early Decision (binding): November 1
Early Action (non-binding): December 1
Regular Decision: February 1

Will I receive notifications about my application?

When we receive your application, an email will be sent confirming this action. You must check your personal application portal to make sure we have received all required documents and for all other status updates.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to complete the application. Beyond our reminders, you are encouraged to contact your admission counselor whenever you have questions. 

Do I need to provide any additional information?

In some cases, we will ask for mid-year or mid-term grades (first-semester senior year or mid-point of college semester for transfer students), additional recommendations or a personal interview. When we ask for mid-year grades and/or a personal interview, etc., you must take responsibility for getting the grade report to Southwestern and that the interview is completed.

How will Southwestern handle the new SAT?

Southwestern will accept both versions of the SAT—pre-March 2016 and March 2016 and after—for the next year or two. We will continue to superscore SAT scores, but will not superscore across the old and new exam versions. 

How can I send my test scores to Southwestern?

Southwestern prefers students send official SAT/ACT score reports. Students can order reports on the College Board or ACT websites. Southwestern will also accept scores that appear on a student’s high school transcript as official. In addition, Southwestern will accept an unofficial score report that a student has downloaded from the College Board or ACT website, for the purposes of admission and scholarship. If a student decides to enroll at Southwestern, we would then require the student to submit official score reports.

Whom should I contact with questions?

You are assigned to an admission counselor based on your high school or college. Your admission counselor is your “advisor” and “guide,” representing you and your application through the admission, scholarship, and financial aid process.

How important is the individual interview?

Personal interviews for first-year students are encouraged by February 1 of each year. These can occur on or off campus. Individual interviews are offered annually in several Texas cities and a number of locations outside Texas. When a student lives a considerable distance from Southwestern and has not been able to arrange for an interview in person, a phone or skype interview can be requested. In some cases, the lack of a personal interview can result in an admissible candidate being offered admission to the wait list.

Transfer candidates are encouraged to meet with our transfer admission counselor prior to semester of entry to discuss course transferability, housing options, etc. If a face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, questions can be answered over the phone or via Skype.

How are decisions made?

We consider academic performance above all else. Additionally, participation and demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities; strength and depth of writing samples; SAT and/or ACT scores; cogency and content of recommendations; visit to campus; legacy connections; United Methodist Church membership; and recognition/achievement in national programs.

What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?

The Early Decision round is meant only for those students who know Southwestern is their first-choice school. Early Decision applicants, if offered admission, are required to commit to Southwestern by January 1, by submitting a non-refundable $500 deposit and withdrawing applications at all other institutions.  Please note students applying Early Decision must submit the Early Decision Agreement along with their other required application materials.

Early Action is meant for students with a high level of interest in Southwestern who still wish to consider other institutions.  It offers the benefit of receiving an expedited decision, (no later than March 1), while still allowing the student to reach his/her final decision by May 1.

When will I find out about admission? (First-Year Students)

Early Decision applicants will receive notification no later than December 1, provided their applications were complete prior to November 1. If an Early Decision applicant’s file is incomplete after November 1, we may choose to defer the application to our Early Action round and provide a decision no later than March 1.

Early Action applicants will receive notification no later than March 1, provided their applications were complete prior to December 1. Some Early Action students with strong credentials may be offered admission on a “rolling” basis prior to the March 1 notification date.  The majority of students will be either offered or denied admission. However, in a few cases we may notify students we are requiring additional information (e.g., 7th semester grades and/or an interview) before reaching a final decision. In those cases, a student will receive final notification by April 1. If an Early Action applicant’s file is incomplete after December 1, the decision may be received after the March 1 notification date. 

Regular Decision applicants will receive notification no later than April 1, provided their applications were complete prior to February 1. Some Regular Decision students with strong credentials will be offered admission on a “rolling” basis prior to the April 1 notification date. If a Regular Decision applicant’s file is incomplete after February 1, it will be considered on a space-available basis, and the student may be notified after the April 1 notification date.

Late Decision candidates, those applying after February 1, will be considered on a space-available basis.

When will I find out about admission? (Transfer Students)

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis once all required documents have been received. If new or additional information is needed, particularly if we believe new information can be potentially helpful, a final decision may be deferred until the new materials are received. More information on transferring to Southwestern can be found on our Transfer Student webpage.