• An important part of your plan as of April 1, 2014
  • A service to assist you and your family with making sure you are getting the best prices on your health, dental, and vision care and procedures
  • Free to you and your dependents for those covered under the Southwestern University Group Health Benefit programs
  • Available via app/website as well as by email or telephone
  • An additional resource alongside Gallagher Benefits to specifically assist with claims questions, discrepancies and audits
  • Able to assist with locating providers that meet your specific needs
  • Able to assist with scheduling appointments

Contact Your Health Pro Consultant

Jasmin Gonzalez
Call:     (800) 513-1667 x 6681
Email:  jasmin.gonzalez@compassphs.com
Hours:  M - F  8am - 6pm Central

Go online to let your Health Pro know the best way to get connected so you can start receiving insider hints, tips, and savings on healthcare!  www.compassphs.com/getconnected.


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