• Donald Tetto

Tuesday, April 15

Anthropology Capstone Presentations
5-7 p.m., Lynda McCombs Ballroom

5:05 Tommie Behrenbeck, “Redefining Myself: A Case Study of Eating Disorders”
5:25 Susi Contreras, “Coloring the Ivory Tower: A Critical Race Analysis of Latin@ Experiences in Higher Education”
5:45 Allie Klein, “Navigating Cancer, Alleviating Health Disparities: Oral Histories of Breast Cancer Patient Navigators”
6:05 CJ Martínez, “Fixing HIV Stigma: What Can Social Workers Teach Us about Solving Health Care Disparities?”
6:25 Karen Ramirez, “Fielding Gender: Gender Performance and Identity in Women’s Softball at Southwestern University”
6:45 Sarah Puffer,  “A Rosy Thorn: The Import and Export of Meaning in the Ecuadorian Floriculture”

Wednesday, April 16

Anthropology Capstone Presentations
5-7 pm, Lynda McCombs Ballroom

5:05 Keeley Hooker,  “Keeping Austin Gendered: Hegemonic Constructions of Masculinity and Modes of Resistance in Austin’s Live Music Scene”
Adrienne McClendon, “Buildings that Build Communities: Living Learning Communities at Southwestern”
5:45 Lauren Saylor, “(Re)Making Self: Gender Identity Formation by Female to Male Transgenderists in Amsterdam”
Carly Cooper, “Mercury: Making People Mad Since 210 BC”
6:25 Bailey Hayes, “The Sacred Drunkenness: Social Perceptions and Realities of Alcoholism In Indigenous Andean Towns of Peru”
6:45 Lea Cantú, “Survival to Success: My Journey from Homeless Youth to College Graduate, an Autoethnography”

Monday, April 28
Spanish Capstone Presentations
1:30 – 4 p.m., Olin 323

1:30 - Marco Alcocer - Actitudes hacia el español en Texas: Comparando tres grupos hispanohablantes

2:00 - Anthony Pritchett - ¿A poco se habla español aquí?: Un estudio sobre el paisaje lingüístico de Georgetown, Texas

2:30 - Samuel Visser - ¿Por qué ser bilingüe?: Las motivaciones por el aprendizaje y la mejoría del español

3:00 - Zoe Arispe - Servir a la comunidad: Los servicios bilingües en las organizaciones no lucrativas

3:30 - Rebecca Merino - Estrategias del mantenimiento del español

Communication Studies Capstone Presentations
4 – 7:30 p.m., Prothro Room (Smith Library Center)

4-5 p.m.: Fictive Realities: Investigating Positionalities in Media Texts

Kevin Masters, “Interrogating Beyond Scared Straight: A&E’s Framing of the At-Risk Teen and Prison/Jail Culture”

Ellen Suh, “Engaging in War Through Film: The Spectator’s Role in The Lone Survivor

Maritza Robles, “Disney’s Kingdom of Isolation: A Textual Analysis of Frozen and the Disney Princess”

5-6 p.m.: Gender and Media: Framing Alternative Spaces

Gina Watts, “‘What’s the Matter with this Man?’: Locating Feminism in Blues Music”

Cruz Luna, “(De)constructing Gendered Representations in Televised Sport: Verbal and Visual Gender Cues in the Summer 2013 X-Games”

Colin Daniels, “MANiCURE: The Truth, Lies & Misconceptions of Masculinity”

6-7 p.m.: Going Digital: Participatory Cultures and Anxious Futures

Madison Simmons, “The Shifting Photographic Frame: Humans of New York as a Phenomenon in an Age of Anxiety”

Eleanor Schorre, “Wanted Dead or Alive: Print Magazines in a Digital World”

Lindsay Huber, “Beyond Selfies: Fostering Extended Communities through Snapchat”

Feminist Studies Capstone Presentations
4:30 – 7 p.m., Howry Center

Tuesday, April 29

Spanish Capstone Presentations
1:30 – 4 p.m., Olin 323

English Capstone Presentations
4 p.m., Second Floor of Mood-Bridwell

Presenters: Nat Fillmore and Kira Geddes

Wednesday, April 30

Spanish Capstone Presentations
Olin 323

1:30 - Rodrigo Ramirez - Barreras lingüísticas en el ambiente médico de Georgetown/Round Rock, Texas

2:00 - Maria Gonzalez - ¿Y usted cómo se siente? - Un estudio enfocado en las actitudes de adultos hispanohablantes sobre el uso de su inglés

2:30 - Jessica Parada - Hispanos y el spanglish: Investigando las actitudes sobre el spanglish entre las diferentes generaciones hispanohablantes

3:00 - Noelle Webster - El significante social del uso del español en la industria de los restaurantes

French Capstone Presentations
4-5:30 p.m., Olin 322

History Capstone Presentations
4:15-6:15 p.m., Mood Bridwell Hall 343

Environmental Studies Capstone Presentation
6 p.m., Campus Center Ballroom

Thursday, May 1
Computer Science Capstone Presentation
2:30 p.m., Mood 109

Physics Capstone Presentations
5 p.m., FJS 118

Lilly Duarte: Building a Vertical Takeoff Aircraft with only Two Engines

Steven Resnick: Measuring the Performance of a Fluidic Oscillator

Friday, May 2

Physics Capstone Presentation
4 p.m., FJS 118

Curran Johnston: Measuring Metals in Soil, Rocks and Plants Using Neutron Activation