I entered the doctoral program in counseling psychology at Texas Tech University the
fall after graduating from Southwestern. I am currently in my fourth year of a six year program, and I plan on applying for my pre-doctoral internship next fall. While at Texas Tech, I have been able to gain a lot of experience in counseling. I have been able to provide individual psychotherapy services to clients at both an outpatient community clinic as well as at the university’s student counseling center. Moreover, I have worked and am currently working at the university’s career center where I am able to provide vocational assessment and counseling. In addition to practicum experiences, I have also been able to take on the role of teaching assistant for graduate level courses as well as the role of course instructor for undergraduate courses. 
Overall, I found that the psychology program at Southwestern greatly prepared me for the academic and research experiences that I have had throughout graduate school. My research at Southwestern with Dr. Giuliano’s lab focused on the self-presentation strategies and perceptions of shy individuals. At Texas Tech, I have been able to somewhat continue this line of research. Specifically, I am conducting research on how shyness and introversion impact individuals religious experiences (i.e., examining how shyness might impact individuals’ interactions with religious group members, relationships with God, and participation within a religious community). I completed my master’s thesis in this area of research and am currently working on my dissertation. After earning my degree, I hope to continue teaching and conducting research at a small university (maybe Southwestern? :)). Ideally, I would also love to be able to continue providing vocational counseling, either in the community or in a university setting.