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Southwestern’s English Department prepares you for a life of engaged, critical thinking by studying the literature and cultures of the English-speaking world.


Eileen Cleere

Professor of English & Chair



Eileen Cleere

Professor of English & Chair

English (Southwestern University)

Reading, discussing and writing about texts past and present, students gain a deepened understanding of literature’s role in shaping and reflecting society.  They learn skills of interpretation, analysis, research and writing, whose applications and value span a broad spectrum of personal and professional pursuits.

Students can engage Shakespeare’s tragedies, Hollywood screwball comedies, Chaucer’s verse, Charlotte Brontë’s or Toni Morrison’s fiction—exploring, testing and challenging the complex and divergent perspectives they find.

  • The major in English is part of the Bachelor of Arts program, which includes the option of a paired major in English and Feminist Studies
  • A minor in English can be combined with any major program at Southwestern. 
  • In addition, students seeking certification to teach in secondary schools may choose English as a second teaching field, and those seeking elementary certification may choose an academic specialization in English.


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Chelsey Clammer, SU ‘05, Releases New Book, Circadian, Winner of the Red Hen Press Nonfiction Manuscript Award

“I take a different approach to storytelling, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the critical thinking skills I learned at Southwestern.” - Chelsey Clammer ’05

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Laura Cordes ’91, Distinguished Humanitarian

Laura Cordes’ work toward ending sexual violence and expanding the rights and services for victims and survivors of these crimes has helped thousands of people. She has dedicated her career to change the world for the better—both through her own efforts and by inspiring people to work together to do the same. A 1991 graduate of Southwestern University, Cordes is Executive Director of the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

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