During a 24-hour period, about twenty-five Southwestern students, alumni, and friends brainstormed to create an entire production from writing the script, direction, set design, costumes, rehearsals, and putting on a live production. The excitement began as they created an inspiration board to tell their story. Watch some of the process below.

This independent project was part of Allison Young’s King Creativity project and was a special collaboration between her and the student theatre organization Mask and Wig. Allison Young’s King Creativity project is titled, “Audience Interactive Theatre” where she will create an original theatre production that includes audience interaction. The production they created is titled, “Happily Ever Aftermath” (#happilyeveraftermath). The final performance of this production will be the basis of her King Creativity project. This performance will take place on April 6 by invitation only, due to limited seating. 

The brainstorming crew includes: Audrey Barrett ’14, Abby Birkett ’14, Brock Boudoin ’15, Chase Brewer ’14, Andja Budincich ’14, Savannah Coleman ’17, Kenedi Delgado ’17, Elise Gabriel ’14, Brandy Giordano ’16, Noah Kopit ’16, Amanda Lepola, Kate Longoria’13, Emma Martinsen ’14, Alejandra Navarro ’15, Ally Oliphint ’15. Avery Rogers ’16, Chaz Sanders ’14, Will Swift ’16, Julia Sykora ’16, Sam Thompson ’16, Mallorie Tidwell ’15, Bria Washington ’17, Chris Whitehead, Hailee Williams ’16, Olivia Woodward ’16. 




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