• kcf

On any type of back country camping trip one of the main concerns that a camper must take into account is the weight of what they intend to take with them. This problem has led many different companies to design lightweight tents and shelters that are sold for a small fortune due to their minimal weight specifications. Despite these attempts, many backpackers and campers will still resort to using a setup that requires nothing more than a tarp, a roll of rope, and a few trees to hold the tarp in place. I intend to create a small portable device that will dispense a length of rope that is both lightweight and durable. The rope will be dispensed from a spring-loaded casing that will provide a tension strong enough to hold a tarp in place through all types of weather conditions. At the end of the rope there will be a carabiner so that the rope can be wrapped around a tree or branch and secured. A retractable seat belt mechanism is going to be modified to hold this rope, and a new casing is going to be designed to protect the inner workings of the mechanism from the elements. Other uses for this item may include the design of an outdoor changing area, shower, or overhead shelter for a kitchen area.  


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