• kcf

As residents of Texas, our domestic, industrial, and agricultural water supply is dependent upon groundwater. Due to recurrent drought and population growth, the Texas water supply has been under stress. Those in the agricultural industry are at the mercy of drought and legal restrictions on water use. Our project is an effort to explore remedies for this and other drought-ridden areas’ situations. We will be using mesh screens to harvest water from the atmosphere. After initially testing different types of screens in a controlled climate to find which type yields the most water, we will place the most efficient screen outdoors. We will then test microclimate variations within the area of the screen to see if it is having negative effects upon the surrounding atmosphere. This project will look at the feasibility of using such mesh screens for agriculture, ranching, as well as in household use. The spread of this technology and research into its efficiency levels will help guide improvements and spread the word of this technology.


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