• kcf

The purpose of this project is to produce multiple visual representations of campus foot traffic in, out, and around several locations on Southwestern University’s campus. Some of these locations include the entrances and exits of Robertson Center, Mood Bridwell Hall, the A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center, the Red and Charline McCombs Campus Center, and on McKenzie Drive. Our intention is to record visual and auditory footage, in the form of pictures, taken over a twenty four hour period of time, at a rate of one picture every twenty seconds, and sound bites, recorded at select intervals within the twenty four hours. These photos will be used to create a time-lapse video of students, faculty, and other people that may be using the space being recorded. A typical time-lapse video consists of photos taken over an extended period of time, which have been played back at a much higher frame per second rate, thus seemingly “fast-forwarding” the footage. In doing this, we hope to provide a unique visual representation of how our campus is occupied (and unoccupied) throughout a typical day at Southwestern. Ultimately, our goal is to have produced a short video, combined with the respective audio recordings, for each of the twelve locations we have chosen on campus.