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Uncovering reputable data and basic information about charitable organizations is difficult. When the organization is headquartered abroad, finding the data can be next to impossible. Until now, there has yet to be a program that incorporates an interactive geographical approach to mapping data on NGOs and non-profits. Charity at a Glance is fixing this problem.  

Charity at a Glance is an online resource that utilizes Google Maps and GIS technology to visualize data about charitable organizations headquartered in Kenya. Charity at a Glance will focus on information available in annual reports and online, such as where the organization is located, how many beneficiaries they serve, and what kind of work they are doing for their communities. Once this initial organizational framework is created, Charity at a Glance can grow to include other regions of the world or act as a tool for analyzing more in-depth data about the organizations. Charities play an important role in Kenya and around the world. Charity at a Glance is here to put that work on the map.


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