• Phi Delta Theta's new pool table
    Phi Delta Theta's new pool table
  • A contagious smile
    A contagious smile
  • Remembering a Brother who loved life to its fullest
    Remembering a Brother who loved life to its fullest

Future Phi Delta fraternity brothers may find themselves on “The Road [that] Goes on Forever,” but it won’t mark the endless extension of their college years at Southwestern. 

Instead, they’ll be receiving scholarship assistance that helps ensure that students can complete their four-year degree without the delays that financial shortfalls frequently cause.

This past Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2013, Gabe Lawson’s parents, Pat and Barbara Lawson, announced the creation of The Gabe Wiley Lawson & Phi Delta Theta, “The Road Goes on Forever” Scholarship Fund. The Southwestern University chapter (Texas Gamma) of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity responded with a surprise of their own for the Lawsons: a beautiful new pool table installed in the freshly renovated chapter house had been dedicated in memory of Gabe, a 1998 Southwestern graduate who passed away in 2012. The Lawsons shared how touching the dedication of the table was, and how much Gabe would have loved it.

Whether through the physical representation of the pool table, or the philanthropic action of permanently endowing a scholarship fund, family, friends and Phi Delts alike want to honor the indelible imprint Gabe’s life left on them. One of Gabe’s pledge brothers, Josh N. Bowlin ’98 describes this desire:

“Gabe had an infectious love of the present moment. His smile and laugh were contagious and being around him made life more enjoyable and more alive. The memories of the many times together are too many to recount, but I am grateful for those memories which I will hold until I can no longer remember. It is my hope that the scholarship which is endowed in his name will preserve the memory of a brother that loved life to its fullest. I am not sure a better lesson could be learned from someone we all called a friend and those brothers that benefit from his memory.”

Immediately following Homecoming, numerous individuals made gifts to the scholarship fund as a means of celebrating Gabe’s infectious spirit and in recognition of an opportunity to recirculate the legacy of life well-lived into students at Southwestern today. Endowments require a minimum of $25,000 to begin awarding annual scholarships, but higher levels of endowment have additional potential to fund multiple and/or significantly larger scholarship awards annually. “The Road Goes on Forever” Scholarship was created to provide financial assistance—a consistent need across the entire student body—to active Phi Delta Theta students. Please consider making a gift on our secure, online giving page.

Your gift can have a tremendous impact on fellow fraternity members.  As you help them complete their Southwestern Experience, you simultaneously achieve one of the Phi Delt’s primary objectives:  helping a fellow brother develop into a greater version of himself than he could have on his own. Alex Michael, current Phi Delta Theta Texas Gamma Chapter President affirms the potential impact of the fund:

“The Road Goes on Forever scholarship, in honor of Brother Gabe Lawson, will hold a very special meaning for the Phi Delta Theta chapter here at Southwestern. In his short time here, Gabe had an enormous impact on everyone he crossed paths with. It was incredible to hear all of the stories from brothers, alumni, and Gabe’s family this past Homecoming about Gabe and how he touched people. The name of this scholarship is certainly appropriate, as Gabe’s life continues to have an impact on the chapter today.

“Gabe’s scholarship will allow him to have an even greater impact. Our chapter prides itself on having the strongest brotherhood, and we commit to leaving no brother behind. This scholarship will serve that purpose through the spirit of one brother whose life we continue to celebrate. After spending time with Gabe’s wonderful family Homecoming weekend and hearing all of the stories,”The Road Goes on Forever” took on a deeper meaning. The brotherhood became closer through Gabe’s legacy, and his road will certainly go on forever as he is remembered and celebrated with this gift.”

Make an impact. Make a pledge brother smile.  Make a gift today.


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