I graduated Southwestern in May 2010. At first I had some trouble finding a job, but eventually in February 2011 was hired as a counselor at a residential therapeutic wilderness camp in North Carolina with a non-profit agency called Eckerd. I worked five 24 hour days a week with youth who had been placed by the state at this camp. However, the state did not offer the contract again and the camp closed and I was laid off almost immediately in the middle of April 2011. I decided to move back to Texas, so by May 2011 I transferred within Eckerd to the Dallas Eckerd Community Supervision Program. At this new position, I counseled pre-adjudicated youth and their families in their homes across Dallas County. In November 2011, I began a different position in a new program Eckerd opened in Dallas County. In the Eckerd Aftercare Services program I counseled juvenile parolees and their families in a family reunification program that aimed to provide wrap around services to the youth and their families in their homes. Some of my favorite parts of that program were holding video conferences between incarcerated youth in state institutions and their families back at home using web cameras and our agency issued laptops. I currently live in Austin and am working for the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department as a Juvenile Probation Officer. I began the position in November 2012, and have been enjoying both the job and this wonderful city!


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