Jessica Cox is presenting several large paintings and some small sculptures. “In my

exhibit, I merge images of microbial biology and animal traps in visually tempting

organic shapes and bright colors to create an environment of seductive safety out of lethal


Kim Dembrosky is presenting sculptures and paintings. “Through my use of bright

color and industrial materials, I create art works in two series: in the first, I explore the

intersection of scientific data and artistic expression; in the second, I make large playful

paintings, which I then cut up and bind, stack, or weave to create sculptural forms,

critiquing the effect that social institutions have on our willingness to take risks and

express ourselves.”

Rebecca Gordon is presenting series of large abstract paintings. “I express visually

the construction of thought in a way that language cannot through an inventive and

improvisational process of changing the painting over time while merging influences

from mid-20th century art movements, especially Abstract Expressionism and the Pattern and Decoration movement, with the modern day commercial art forms of advertising and

design graphics.”


Images: Prokaryotes by Jessica Cox, oil on canvas, 2013, 72” H x 84” W

Weather Patterns: 1960 by Kim Dembrosky, mixed media, 2012, 24” H x 53” W

Memories-A-Slippin’ by Rebecca Gordon, oil on canvas, 2012, 42” H x 24” W