Jamie Gardner’s painting series, “The Presence of Words,” combines imagery and abstraction with randomly generated text. “My work embraces the adaptability, power, and visual form of words and explores the various ideas and implications that can arise from the pairing of painting and the written word.”


“Swatches” is an exhibition of artworks by Nikki Grona. “Using ideas, trends, and elements from both the Pattern and Decoration movement and contemporary fashion, I design pattern paintings that could be translated into textiles but which rebel against fashion industry trendiness, placing myself as an arbiter of what is considered to be art and what is fashion.” 


The paintings and drawings by Candace Weigand integrate ideas from the Romantic and Abstract Expressionist movements in art. “My abstractions and nude figure drawings are conceived intuitively and are dependent on my moods. I accumulate gestural marks over several sessions to create psychologically-charged images intended to be discomforting.”