My Southwestern University experience was invaluable to my life and career choices. I was able to study abroad for a full year in London as well as Budapest, Hungary, and my French minor gave me the opportunity to delve into the study of iconic pieces of French literature. After graduation from SU, I worked in Washington, D.C. and Houston in public relations and consulting.

Even in my work, I found myself missing a piece of my life that touched on my foreign language knowledge, being a fluent Hungarian speaker before beginning my study of French in middle school. My French minor from SU allowed me to smoothly transition into teaching, and I began the French program at MacArthur Ninth Grade School in Houston, TX.

After a few years of implementing the French curriculum and sponsoring French cultural learning opportunities for my students, I moved to Austin to pursue my M.A. in Foreign Language Education at the University of Texas. Austin has a wealth of opportunities to teach speakers of world languages, and I began teaching English lessons to ESL students while completing my degree. The culmination of these teaching experiences lead me to my current job as an ESL Instructional Coach for Round Rock ISD. I work with secondary schools in the district, training teachers and offering professional development opportunities for teachers to better meet the linguistic proficiencies of their students.

Even in my job today, I constantly seek opportunities to develop my craft, brush up on the latest research, and educate others. My experience as a lifelong learner will always continue.