• Italy
  • Katy Nave and Chandler Johnson

Two Southwestern Students, Katy Nave and Chandler Johnson, are accompanying Prof. Thomas Howe to join the University of Maryland architectural recording team managed this summer by Howe.

Students will be recording with a “reflector less theodolite” numerous complex upstanding ruins and preserved Roman frescoes, in effect “drawing” the remains in three dimensions with line commands of the theodolite. Howe has been general coordinator of the project and chief author of the Master Plan for the site since 2001. This summer he will be coordinating six archaeological teams from Columbia University, The Hermitage State Museums, St. Petersburg, Russia, University of Maryland; University of Molise, CyArk (lidar scanning and modelling), Oakland, CA, and University of Akron (Dr. Clyton, Fant, marble specialist).


Video Clip from In Stabiano: Exploring the Ancient Seaside Villas of the Roman Elite, showing a reconstruction/walkthrough of the site:

And here Dr. Howe gives a tour of the Villa:

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