This project, initially submitted under the title of “An Artistic Expression of Particle Physics through 3D modeling,” is at once an attempt to explore 3D modeling as an art form, bring to light the fairly new technology of 3D printing, and to make the incredible displays of research in the field of high energy particle physics more accessible to the non-scientifically inclined. Inspired by research done at CERN’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider) located in Geneva in the search for the theoretical Z prime boson, the project went from the choosing of specific particle collisions in the LHC, to working through the mathematics of the motion of the created particles (or more precisely the particles decayed from the created particles) and the modeling of such data to scale at several times so as to display the events as they happened over time. Along with the models themselves will be the initial 2D display of the data, the relativistic calculations, and if possible an example of the 3D printer at work.


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