SU Splash is an endeavor to take learning outside of the classroom for both college and high school students. Our main event this year took place on February 23rd in Prothro—SU students and alumni taught interactive classes on anything they were passionate about, and Georgetown-area high school students explored learning in a new way on a college campus. Some of the biggest hits this year were Angelyn Convertino’s “Paint in the Dark” class featuring black light, rock and roll, and neon paint, and Michael Espinoza’s “Heavy Metal Culture” class, from which excited conversation could be heard from all the way into the hall! Students got to explore LED theater lighting hands-on in Heather Hall, courtesy of John Ore’s expertise, and even a few student organizations held classes. To prepare for the big event, a team of 8 Splash Officers collaborated with high schools, tabled, helped teachers prepare their classes, and recruited volunteers. 

SU Splash is more than just the ‘big event’–this past winter, we teamed up with Interfaith Dialogues to hold a Winter Holiday Celebration. Although the gathering was small (about 15 people), we still had an awesome discussion of the winter practices of our own cultures as well as others we had experienced, sharing knowledge while roasting marshmallows in the flames of a Yule log. On April 25th, we will hold “In the Mood for Murder,” a murder-mystery party that will incorporate fun facts about role play into the game. We’re also hoping to hold a “Splash Day” in which Splash teachers would share their classes with the Southwestern student body, either at the end of this year or beginning of next. 

SU Splash is on its way to becoming a student organization so that it can become sustainable. Our plans for the future are to continue the diversification of our activities to spread the idea that learning is not just a classroom, but a lifestyle.


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