My king creativity project titled “Bach and the Baroque Violin,” was based on the idea of renting a model period violin and learning solo works of Bach on the instrument. Over the past few months, through personal research and contact with local musicians, I have been more involved with this project than I originally anticipated. In January, after meeting with members of an Austin baroque group called La Follia, I joined the newly formed Austin-based baroque orchestra: Ensemble Settecento. During the month of March, I had the opportunity of meeting many musicians that were specialists in the field of early music and had my first taste of performing on baroque violin. As a member of Ensemble Settecento I was able to perform an early classical symphony by Haydn and “Johannespassion” by Georg Böhm. Performing with a baroque orchestra was the best part of this project. I received so much valuable information on Baroque style from people in the orchestra, and made several new friends. During the spring semester, I have been working with a teacher in Austin on select works for Baroque violin. On April 13th I will perform two movements from Johann Sebastian Bach’s solo sonata no. 1 in G minor and Jean-Marie Leclair’s Sonata no. 5 for two violins on my senior recital. This project has not only introduced me to early music styles and techniques, but has also given me an opportunity to continue pursuing those ideas after my graduation from Southwestern. 


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